Dashcams are now hugely popular for personal security. Many users record an event and upload the footage to YouTube or other video-sharing websites as a form of proof. Still, they are also valuable for providing evidence for insurance claims, traffic violations, and more.

For Using the dash cams for your safety, it is important to know the laws governing them in Russia. There have been unclear messages over how Dash cams should be used in Russian roads, so we’ve compiled a list of what is legal and what’s not.

First off, we should look through the importance and benefits of dash cams.

Dashcam Purposes:

1. To protect one’s reputation and freedom by recording any incidents in which one is found at fault

2. To provide evidence of an incident and increase the likelihood of holding the offender accountable for their actions

3. To record law enforcement interactions with the public

4. To protect property and increase the safety of the car being parked at any location regularly like home, office or business premises

Dashcam Importance:

1. Police agencies can review footage to see if traffic activity in a video matches a citizen’s traffic complaint or police report.

2. Police agencies can use video to determine who is at fault in an accident and if charges should be filed or issued. If someone has a serious injury or some fatalities occur.

3. Law enforcement officials can quickly identify and apprehend suspects that are on the run from the police.

4. Dash cams can help protect motorists from false claims of vandalism or theft by showing what happened in reality.

5. Provides a means to gather evidence for home insurance claims when parked in private or public parking areas.

6. Provides private individuals with identity theft protection by recording and storing all traffic incidents.

7. Provides a means for parents to protect their teenagers who may be driving on their own.

How Does Dashcam Work?

Dashcams are small, hand-held video recording devices. They are small and easy to use; a pair of sunglasses can be turned into a dashcam. Their work is diverse, but all have in common that the camera is always pointed at the road or highway, and it records only when an event occurs. These events can be anything from minor offenses to severe crashes. A dashcam has another important feature: it gives the driver a playback of everything that happened while the car was moving. This means that dashcams record everything from a moving vehicle, such as people crossing the street or animals in front of it.

Dashcam features an LCD screen.
To use the dash cam, they have to be able to view the video footage. This means that most dash cams are equipped with a screen in which drivers can view the footage saved. Dashcam recording devices have different types of screens, such as small LCDs or touchscreens. Therefore, it is important to check the features before purchasing a dashcam. 

The sensors used in dash cams For the dashcam to work correctly, it needs sensors that will detect events such as sudden braking, hard acceleration, and the presence of human beings in front of it. Some devices use particular DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies to detect these events. However, not all devices use the same features. 

Compulsion on Using Dashcam in Russia:

The dashcam in Russia is compulsory for all motorists in some regions, including the Volga, Northern Caucasus, and Central Federal Districts. It’s also required that you must have your license plates visible at all times.

It’s common for a country to require dash cams in some areas for insurance purposes, but the requirement is not as widespread as in Russia.

It has been suggested that a reason for the full implementation of these devices is because their effectiveness in deterring crimes cannot be disputed.

Moscow: Cameras are required in all vehicles in the city and some surrounding areas. They are not compulsory but are required for registered vehicles. The law does not specify the number of DVRs, and in fact, the city limits the number of DVRs per vehicle to two.

The maximum fine for violations is 1000 rubles (approximately USD 29). 

St Petersburg: Cameras are compulsory in registered vehicles and some unregistered ones. There are no specific Fines or terms of a violation or penalty.

Dashcam Laws in Russian Federation:

It is currently illegal to use dashcams in Russia in some cities, and some of the following points detail what can and cannot be done in recording a video.

* Recording from a moving car – It’s illegal to record from a moving vehicle unless you’re driving on an official test route or otherwise have permission to do so. You could receive a heavy fine if an officer detects you are using your dashcam while on a public road.

* Using dash cams for insurance purposes – It is illegal to use a dashcam for recording for insurance purposes, and it’s best to avoid this altogether. It is not legal to record video of another person without their consent unless you have permission from the authorities.

* Recording signs and street nameplates – You can’t record signboards like street names or traffic lights as they’re considered personal property.

* Recording inside a person’s home – It is illegal to use dashcams inside the private property without the owner’s permission.

* Losing evidence and getting in trouble – It is illegal to erase or alter dashcam footage and get in trouble with law enforcement for doing so.

* Obtaining a dashcam from another country – It’s prohibited to import a dashcam from other countries as it can be used for illegal purposes, such as collecting personal information about individuals or using it to blackmail people.

* Recording outside of the car – You can’t use your dashcam for recording outside of your vehicle, although using a mobile phone in public places is generally legal.

* Using a dashcam for spying – It’s forbidden to use a camera for illegal purposes like spying on people or their property without their consent. If this is discovered, you can be handed hefty penalties, including fines and possible jail time.


Dashcam is a vital device for any car in the 21st century. Without it you can’t understand what happened in a car accident and who is to blame. If you drive safely, then there won’t be any problems with your car. But if something goes wrong – the dashcam will record everything that happens. In such situations, a dashboard camera becomes an indispensable assistant for police officers and insurance companies.


Q. Which country wants to make compulsory dash cams in cars?

Ans: Russia. Russia has become the first to pass a law that requires installing dash cams in cars. Riding without a dashboard camera in Russia will be considered an offense.

Russian city, Moscow, already has restrictions on parking with cameras to protect drivers from fines and prove innocence in case of road accidents.

Q. Why dash cams?

Ans: Dashcams or dash-mounted cameras are installed in a vehicle’s dashboard for recording rearward footage from the vehicle’s perspective while the vehicle is in motion to be used as evidence for various reasons. The term is used mainly in Russia and Ukraine. However, similar products are also available and used elsewhere.

Q. How many cameras are allowed on a vehicle in Russia?

Ans: Moscow: Cameras are required in all vehicles in the city and some surrounding areas. They are not compulsory but are required for registered vehicles. The law does not specify the number of DVRs, and in fact, the city limits the number of DVRs per vehicle to two.

The maximum fine for violations is 1000 rubles (approximately USD 29). 

Q. What is the cost of a dashcam

Ans: Approximately $200 approximately USD 100 USD in Russia.

Q. Is dash cams legal?

Ans: Until recently, it was not legal to use dash cams in the United Kingdom. However, that ban has now been lifted after a report concluded that dashcams were responsible for saving hundreds of lives. The UK’s Department for Transport published a report on driving data between 2011 and 2012, which revealed that cameras had helped prevent more than 1,000 accidents on Britain’s roads.