Can a Dashcam Be Tracked?

A dash cam can be tracked down to determine the type of recording being done. The cameras can be tracked in case of theft or if the footage is needed for a police investigation. If the dashcam is connected to the Internet, it can also be hacked and accessed remotely by other people. 

It is possible to track a dashcam by using a GPS device that gives the exact location. The GPS device can track the dashcam but cannot access the data from the camera. In addition, many dash cams that have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability can be accessed through a smartphone, laptop or any other device.

How To Track A Dashcam? 

According to Nick Scalla, CEO of, the GPS device can be detected by the dashboard camera and then connected to a laptop. The laptop can then connect to the Internet and download the data through a Wi-Fi connection. If your dashcam has Wi-Fi capability, you will be able to connect directly with any network.

However, if the dashcam does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability, you can connect to the dashboard camera with a GPS device using a port that has been wired into the dashboard camera. Once connected, you can access the dash cam’s memory card and download the data stored on it from a laptop.  

Another method to track a dashcam is to use a special app on your smartphone to track down the location. The app will use a built-in GPS to detect the dashcam’s location and then send the information to your smartphone. This method is very effective in tracking down where a person is present.

How to Avoid Dashcam Tracking?

You can avoid tracking a dashcam by using an off-the-grid dashcam. Off-the-grid dash cams are wired to a battery and are not connected with the Internet or any other social media service. You can also use an old phone connected to the Internet and has no Wi-Fi capability. 

Another way to avoid dashcam tracking is to use a special device to prevent the GPS device from connecting. A magnet can be placed inside the dashcam to prevent the device from being detected by the dashcam. However, you will need to know the location of the magnet’s placement. 

Also, you can use RFID blocking sleeves and remove any RFID tags from your belongings to avoid being tracked by a GPS device while driving.

Laws Regarding Dash Cam Tracking 

No law stipulates that you cannot be tracked by a GPS device. However, in Arizona, it is illegal to use any piece of electronic tracking equipment. In addition, it is also unlawful to track any device with a GPS transmitter over 10 MHz without authorization from the Federal Communications Commission.

However, in some states, there are laws pertaining to dashcams and their usage.


There are many considerations when it comes to using a dashcam. You should be aware of the possible consequences if someone decides to track down your location via a GPS device. You should also be aware of possible laws that could come into place in the future.

Suppose you are concerned about your privacy and do not want your information used for malicious purposes. In that case, you can use an off-the-grid dash camera or make sure that your dash camera has no Wi-Fi capability or Bluetooth technology.