Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular in all walks of life because they prove to be an effective way for drivers to keep themselves, their passengers, and everyone else on the road safe. There are many different types of dashcam models available today that include a wide range of features. This article will discuss a vital function of the dashcam, i.e., memory card formatting.

Azdome Dashcam

The Azdome dash cam is a popular model that uses an internal memory card to record audio and video footage. This dashcam is designed to record videos when the car’s battery is turned on. Therefore, it can serve as valuable evidence in court if any unfortunate incident happens during driving. 

Features of Azdome Dashcam

The Azdome dashboard cam has some powerful features that makes it a good buy for any driver. It can record full HD videos at a lower frame rate. Moreover, it has a built-in GPS device that tracks speed, location, route, and acceleration.

These data can be stored inside the camera in both video and writing format for future use. Memory card writing format is one of the essential features of this dashcam. It has a memory of 256GB, which can be upgraded to handle massive data storage. Also, the camera can last for 5 hours on a single battery charge.

Formatting the Memory Card

Although this camera comes with a massive memory capacity, it is always better to format the memory card regularly to ensure that it continues working at optimum levels. There are many different ways of formatting the memory card of this dashcam.

Methods of Formatting a Memory Card

There are many different methods of formatting a memory card. Some of them include:

1. Using Computer

This method is one of the simplest ways to format a memory card. All you need to do is connect your camera to a computer using a USB cable and run the software that comes with the dashcam. Then, complete the formatting process as guided by the software.

2. Formatting On Azdome Dashcam

It’s also possible to format the card directly from your dashcam. To do this, go to settings and click on “Format” under the memory card option. The camera will format the memory card, allowing you to save new data on it.

Can a Memory Card Be Formatted Inside Azdome Dashcam?

Yes, it is possible to format a memory card inside Azdome dashcam. Memory card formatting is done to delete errors and usage tracks from your memory card, allowing it to store new data. You can also use it during data transfer from one medium to another. It could be done by connecting your camera to a computer.

How to Format The Memory Card Through Azdome Dashcam? 

You can use Azdome Dashcam to format the memory card if you have issues with the camera’s recording quality or if your memory card is full. It’s a simple way to avoid data loss and camera malfunction. Here are the steps in brief that will help you to format the memory card within Azdome Dashcam.

Step 1

First, press the power button on the dashboard camera. After this, hold down the OK button located on the front panel for at least 3 seconds. You will have to release both buttons when the LCD screen goes blank, and a logo appears on the screen. 

Step 2

When the screen shuts down, slide the switch to select Format using the up and down buttons located on the front panel. This will help you to format the memory card.

Step 3

Confirm the format process by pressing the ‘OK’ button that appears on the camera’s front panel. After this, a list of options will appear on the screen, with ‘R’ shown as the last parameter. Now, you need to slide the switch to the right or left until it shows ‘F’. Once this is done, press the ‘OK’ button.

Step 4

A confirmation message will appear on the screen informing you that the process is complete. You can now exit the entire process and start your work again. 

Reasons for Formatting a Memory Card Inside Azdome Dashcam

1. The first and most common reason to format the memory card is its capacity. Since Azdome Dashcam comes with a massive memory capacity, you can certainly save all the necessary data on it. 

2. The other reason for formatting the memory card inside Azdome Dashcam is that you don’t want to add errors to your device. This could lead to malfunctioning and damaged hardware components in dashboard cameras that can be quite expensive to fix.

Factors That Need to Be Considered While Formatting the SD Card

1. Formatting The Memory Card On Windows

The first thing that needs to be considered before formatting the SD card is the operating system you are using. If you’re on Windows, you will need to use a compatible software to format the memory card. You can use an SD card reader and suitable software like SD Formatter, which comes with full instructions on formatting a memory card on Windows.

2. Formatting The Memory Card On Mac

All SD cards have a maximum capacity of 2GB for Mac users. If your SD card entails more capacity, then it will only work on a computer. MAC users will have to partition the memory card to allow it to work on the MAC. You can use both SD Formatter and Easeus Partition Master for this process.


The Azdome dash cam is a great camera to use based on several factors. One of them is its massive memory capacity, which can be used for data storage. Therefore, drivers can use the camera to record and save valuable footage that could help them in courts or law enforcement agencies. The other factor is its video quality, which has full HD capabilities at a lower frame rate. This helps it to record fast-moving objects without producing blurry images.

Hope this article was informational and guided you in formatting the memory card of  Azdome Dashcam. Good Day! 


Q: Can I format the Azdome Dashcam memory card on my laptop?

A: Yes, you can format the memory card on your laptop. You will have to connect the camera to your laptop using a cable and format the memory card through the computer software that comes with it.

Q: Do I format my Azdome memory card on a PC or a Mac? 

A: You can format the memory card on both Mac or PC as long as you use Windows OS or a MAC. Both the operating systems support an SD card capacity of 2GB.

Q: My Azdome Dashcam Memory Card is full. How can I transfer my files to my computer?

A: There are two ways to transfer data from your dash cam’s memory card. You can either use a memory card reader or the MicroSD slot commonly found in most computers. If you have a Mac, the memory card reader is a more viable option than using the MicroSD slot.