Do Teslas Come With Dash Cams?

Tesla is a company that produces electric cars. To keep up with the pace of the release of new technology, they recently introduced the Tesla 3 along with a dashcam. The dashcam is only available as an aftermarket purchase with a price tag of $150 USD, but it does come in handy if you ever have any accidents while driving your Tesla. The dashcam is a simple and ingenious device that is used mainly to record traffic violations, accidents, or any other occurrence that could possibly endanger someone’s life. Its main job involves recording video footage and then saving it to a flash drive.

Tesla’s Built-in Dashcams Specifications

1. The cameras take images at a resolution of 1280×720 and are much smaller than the typical dashcam. They come with a USB cable and a magnetic mount useful in some situations. However, they take some extra space. 

2. It does not come with a GPS feature. You will have to manually enter the vehicle’s location for tracking it while driving. 

3. The cameras feature dual-lens with a wide-angle of vision of about 140° and can be recorded at a resolution of 1080p HD.

4. The cameras are powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to 130 minutes without using the USB cable, and it takes three hours to charge a single battery. 

5. It does not feature a night mode or automatic face detection.

Features of Tesla’s Dashcam

A standard feature in all dash cams, this function allows the device to automatically adjust an object’s video quality to ensure the clearest image under a variety of conditions. 

Both videos taken at the exact moment will be combined for an even better view, saving memory on your SD card. You will see objects from long distances clearly and can easily find the proper perspective.

As soon as you connect a computer or smart device to your dash cam’s USB cable, you can view all the footage stored on the device. The camera will show different kinds of information such as battery life, time and date, date and time of recordings.

You will be able to control the camera and adjust its settings remotely. You can manually turn on and off your dashcam if, for example, you want to record something but don’t want the camera to stay on all the time.

The video quality will not depend on sunlight or car headlights. Regardless of whether there is light or not, you will be able to see everything on your dashcam clearly.

You can take advantage of the dashcam’s features when parking. A combination of a G-sensor and continuously recording will immediately capture any motion or impact. This will help you identify if someone damages your car or steals anything.

The diagnostic feature allows you to view the current battery power, temperature and tire pressure. You can also see all other car-related information such as the current speed, air pressure in the tires and whether or not seat belts are on.

How to Operate Tesla’s Built-in Dashcams?

Tesla dashcams are not different from standard dash cams. They are equipped with the same features and settings and are user-friendly. It is essential to connect your camera to a power source while it is recording video footage. You can do this either by connecting the camera’s USB cable to your car or by plugging it into the cigarette lighter port. If you’re going to use the cigarette lighter port, make sure that the power source is directly connected to a fuse box of power because a short circuit can damage the camera’s internal circuits and cause a fire. 

If your dashcam has a backup battery, you can use it to record longer videos when your car’s battery is turned off.  


The majority of drivers want to protect their vehicles’ GPS tracking system and, therefore, own a dashcam as a precaution. If you like the security features and functions offered by Tesla’s dashcams, we recommend purchasing the model with a parking mode.