One question often asked by people who might be in the market for a dashcam is whether or not dashcams are power-consumers. In other words, does a dashcam use battery power when a car is switched off but still plugged in? 

Many people might not know that some dashcams don’t even use electricity to operate while others do. However, it depends on what type of dashcam is used. 

Car batteries are known as kick-starters. Their primary function is a perfect start to the vehicle, keeping the knocking characteristic as low as possible. People who have installed dashcams in their automobiles have a common question lingering on their minds. Does a dashcam consume power when the car’s battery is switched off? 

This article will explore this question and will provide useful information on car batteries and how they function accordingly with a dashcam.

Dashcam’s Power Source 

Dashcams make use of a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery to power themselves when the car is switched off, even when the car’s engine is still running. A dashcam also comes with a power cord that plugs it into the car’s cigarette lighter/power plug. A dashcam draws power just like any other electronic device when the car is turned on and keeps running as long as the car does. 

Internal Battery of a Dashcam

The dashcam’s internal battery is what provides power to your dashcam while your vehicle is turned off. If your car is turned off and still plugged in, the internal battery would function after the power from the main battery depletes. Another major benefit of using a dashcam’s internal battery is that it doesn’t drain the vehicle’s main battery. A properly designed system that utilizes the internal battery should not deplete the vehicle’s main battery.

Internal batteries can power the dashcam for a shorter time period than 12V car batteries.  Since they are cheaper than regular car batteries, they make it easier for dashcam users to keep them in hand and replace them when their power depletes.

How Much Power Does a Dashcam Use?

Dashcams use less power when they are turned off. The camera may take about 20-30% of power from a 12V car battery.

Effect of a Dashcam on the Car’s Battery

If a dashcam is plugged in, then it will drain the car’s battery. You will notice this if you use your car often. Plugging in the dashcam will drain your car’s battery, and while it usually takes about a week for the vehicle to recharge fully, your dashcam will also need to be replaced.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last? 

A car battery can last for about five years. This is true if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as the warranty requirements. 

Example: Car Battery can hold for around 70% (approx.) charge. If you plug in your dashcam and turn on your vehicle, about 30% (approx.) charge is left in the car’s battery. The remaining 70% can last for around 1-2 months (depending on how much you drive) or more depending on the type of car battery you possess.

If you were to leave your car plugged in for a week or two, then the car battery will be drained before the dashcam’s internal battery. You should remove the cable from your car’s 12V battery when leaving it turned on after it has been fully charged.

Maintaining a Car’s Battery

Car batteries are an essential component of your vehicle. They provide the spark that makes your car work. A healthy battery ensures that you can start your vehicle easily. Here are some tips for maintaining a solid car battery.

1) Check Your Battery’s Age

Checking your battery’s age is essential because older batteries are more prone to corrosion and less likely to start up cars during cold weather. Replace these older batteries as soon as possible.

2) Keep a Healthy Battery

Make sure to maintain your battery’s charge level. Car batteries that are undercharged or overcharged become more susceptible to corrosion and other damages. Check the charge level of your battery and make sure you are not overcharging it or undercharging it.

3) Keep Your Battery Clean

Excess moisture in your vehicle’s interior can cause corrosion on your battery and decrease its overall life span. If you have been keeping the interior of your car clean, this is one less thing to worry about.

4) Remove Excess Load

The extra load that you place on your battery can decrease its charge life. Avoid using accessories and devices that have a heavy draw on your battery. Try to avoid leaving your car lights turned on after turning off the vehicle.

5) Don’t Use Old Battery Cables

Try to replace your old battery cable when you buy a new battery. The old wires are more likely to rust and lose their power transmission capabilities. Replace them with new cables for better vehicle charging and starting capabilities.

6) Keep Track of Vehicle Maintenance

Always keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle will extend its life and ensure that it starts up when you need it to.

Parking Mode

As the name suggests, a parking mode in a dashcam should be activated when the vehicle is parked. This can be either automatically or manually activated. Before engaging in parking mode, the camera should be switched off manually or turn off automatically by sensing that you are no longer in motion (for example, by locking your steering).

When you are parking your car, it is important to keep an eye on your speed and monitor how far you have been able to park. To minimize the chances of a collision while parking, consider parking with your hazard lights on.

Parking Mode comes with its own set of issues and problems. If the dashcam’s internal battery dies down when in this mode, then it cannot record anything on top of parking violations or accidents that may occur to your vehicle while you are unaware of it.

Parking Mode will capture one video in 30 seconds. Within the next two minutes, the dashcam will go into motion detection mode. It will also stop recording when the car’s battery dies out completely.

Does a Dashcam Use the Car’s Battery in Parking Mode?

Dashcams use the car batteries in parking mode. When in parking mode, they are still plugging into the car batteries even if their cars are turned off.

Power Magic Pro – A Battery Saver

Power Magic Pro is an efficient device that will help you increase the power of your car battery for longer periods. The Power Magic Pro will work even when the engine is turned off, and it instantly stops working when you start your car. It is a viral solution for dashcams used in parking mode, and if your car stays static for a long period of time, then this product is worth a try. 

How to Use the Dash Cam in Parking Mode

Follow these steps to use the dashcam in parking mode.

1) When using your dashcam in parking mode, make sure to charge it fully before using it. Also, ensure that the dashcam is plugged into the car battery.

2) Press a button on the dashcam to switch it into parking mode. 

3) Once it has switched, you will get an alert on your device for one second and then it will start recording videos automatically.

4) It will record one video in the next 30 seconds and shift to motion detection mode within the next two minutes. 

5) It will stop recording when no further motion is detected for a considerable amount of time (about 5 minutes).

6) While in motion detection mode, you can go through the recorded videos by the dashcam. You can also view the next 30 seconds of videos recorded after motion detection mode ends.

How to Avoid Battery Drainage

1) Make sure you are using a dashcam that has Parking Mode.

2) Once you are in parking mode, plug the dashcam into the cigarette lighter section.  

3) Use Power Magic Pro to keep the battery from draining out while you have parked your car. 

4) Once you turn off your engine, make sure your dashcam’s parking mode is on and it is plugged in for a continuous charge to the car battery. 

What Kind of Battery Is Good For A Dashcam? 

A long-lasting battery is the optimum one for a dashcam. In other words, a lithium-ion battery is the one to be purchased. It is reliable and can hold its charge for a long period of time. 

Finding the Perfect Battery

Several batteries work best for dashcams and won’t drain out while the camera is in parking mode. There are many methods to charge a dashcam while it’s in operation. Some of them include:

Option 1: Use a Battery Pack

For a perfect battery for your dashcam, use a Battery Pack or Power Magic Pro; this helps improve the reliability of your vehicle, even when parked in a parking lot for extended periods.

Option 2: Use a Smart Car Battery

Smart car batteries are designed to meet the needs of dashcams, which is one of the most efficient ways to keep your car battery from draining out and keeps it healthy for longer periods. You may be able to use a smart car battery in place of replacing your vehicle’s battery as well. 

Some dash cams come with built-in battery chargers, while others work through the cigarette lighter section. However, the best smart car battery will provide an effective charge to the dashcam and will stop charging it as soon as you turn on your engine.

Popular Brands of Batteries for Dashcams

Some popular brands of car batteries include

1) Anker Car Batteries

Anker batteries are convenient to use and ensure that the dashcam is charged instantly.  They also come with Power Magic Pro, which works as an efficient auto switch. Anker’s batteries are lightweight and reliable, and they will work for a long time (almost 2 years based on 3-4 times charging per week).

2) Sketch Batteries 

These batteries are designed for long-lasting performance. They work well with dashcams and other gadgets, and they keep functioning for several years. Sketch’s Batteries are an optimum choice as they are easy to use and maintain.

3) Panasonic Batteries

Panasonic batteries are reliable and come with a long warranty period of two years. They are safe for use and can easily be used with dashcams. Panasonic’s batteries work well at any temperature, and they will provide safe and effective power to the dash camera.

4) Sanyo Car Batteries

Sanyo is one of the leading battery brands today with its high-quality line of batteries. These charge-producing appliances are powerful and long-lasting and work well in smaller spaces. They are ideal for use with dashcams, cameras, toys, portable speakers, and other devices that require power. 

5) Dell Batteries

Dell is another well-renowned battery brand with its products geared toward innovative technology. Dell car batteries are among the best and known for their high-performing capabilities and long-lasting battery life. These batteries are a reliable choice for a dashcam.

Other Car Battery Brands 

1) Odyssey Battery

Odyssey Battery provides a wide range of products, including battery packs, smart car batteries, deep cycle batteries and marine batteries. 

2) SCE Battery

This brand utilizes its experience in consumer electronics to manufacture high-value, performance, and energy storage products. SCE is known for providing reliable performance in sensitive electronic equipment that needs reliable power. 

Ways to Tell That Its Time to Charge a Battery

1. Color Change

There are several ways to tell when it’s time to charge or change a car battery, but the most common method is when the color changes. The color of your dashcam battery can change from green to orange and then back to green. This change will show you that the car battery is getting low on charge and needs replacement. 

2. It’s Not Holding A Charge

Another common way to tell if a car battery needs charging is based on how long it will hold a charge. Some batteries don’t hold a charge for an extended period; thus, they need to be changed or charged one out of every three days. 

3. Battery Light

At times, your dashcam will have a red light that will indicate that it’s not charging. This can be due to low battery life, so it is necessary to charge it when you notice the red light.


All car batteries are not the same, so choosing the best one based on the type of features you want for your dashcam is essential. The best car battery for a dashcam should give you a reliable performance to keep your dashcam working even in parking mode. The best choice for a smart car battery is one that stops charging your dashcam when it is done charging. 


Q: Will my dashcam still work when running on solar power? 

A: Most dashcams come with a lithium-ion battery, which is the same as the kind of battery used in solar power. When your camera is plugged in and connected to a solar power system, it will operate normally. The two will be compatible and your dashcam will provide you with an instant power supply that won’t drain out.

Q: Are there some types of batteries that may be appropriate for dashcams? 

A: Lithium iron phosphate batteries are used by some dashcams for long-term storage of energy. These batteries can recharge themselves automatically when needed. Some dashcams also use Lithium-ion batteries with built-in chargers. 

Q: How often should I change my dashcam’s battery?

A: Some dashcams connect to standard cars’ cigarette lighters and others connect to a battery pack that provides an independent power source. Regardless of the method, it’s necessary to have your dashcam’s battery changed every two years or after 12 months of usage.

Q: Can I charge my dashcam by connecting it to an auxiliary power supply? If so, which one should I get?

A: Although your dashcam can theoretically be charged from an auxiliary power supply, that’s not a great idea. The main reason is that the car battery is meant to provide the majority of the power for your dashcam. The battery pack will drain out more quickly and will be incompatible with your camera.

Q: What are some of the factors that I need to consider when purchasing a smart battery?

A: The cost, physical size and weight of your smart car battery are some factors that you need to consider before making a purchase. You need to determine if you want your car battery to be integrated into the dashcam or if it should be a separate device. There are also two types of batteries that you can choose from; lithium-ion ones and lead acid ones.