How To Hide A Dashcam 

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate covert car accessory or want to avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement, there are many ways in which you can hide your dashcam. From some inconspicuous dash mount to traditional hardwiring, there are several discreet and efficient options available, but which one is best for you?

Ways to Hide a Dashcam

1. Hiding Your Dashcam From Plain Sight 

One popular way of hiding a dashcam is by tuckpointing your camera within your dashboard, whether it be between some wires or behind some padding. This would allow you to discretely hide your dashcam while preventing damage from taking place on the lens from dirt/dust particles.

Another popular way of hiding a dashcam is by mounting it to your dashboard using a diagonal mount. While this can often be seen as less discreet than tucking, it won’t require you to drill any holes and is just as secure. It’s also much more reliable in terms of not interfering with the functionality of your car, and it’s also cheaper than a tuckpointing option.

2. Behind The Rearview Mirror

This is my favorite place to put a dashcam. It’s easy to install, out of sight, and it blends in with most cars. This works so well because you’re basically hiding the camera behind where most people wouldn’t look. They are only looking at the road directly in front of them, so no one will see a camera staring back at them.

3. Underneath A Seat

Sometimes, the easiest and most obvious place to hide a dashcam is underneath one of your seats, in a secret storage location. This is great for cars that have a lot of storage space. The seat space is usually wide open and unobstructed, which makes for a great hiding spot.

4. On The Dashboard

This is popular for dashcams that have an easy-to-view display. This way, you won’t have to fiddle with the screen or press any buttons. The screen will be clearly visible. This is also great if you don’t have a lot of storage space for hiding it under the seat or in the trunk. 

5. Inside Your A-Pillar Cover

This might be the most discreet way to hide your dashcam. With this setup, you’ll simply tape the dashcam to your car’s A-pillar, and it will look as if nothing’s there while recording. It gives a very professional, polished look for cars often used for business purposes (i.e., public transport, bus drivers).
6. In Your Trunk 

Many people choose to hide their dashcam inside a smaller hidden compartment inside their vehicle’s trunk. For example, you could wedge it in-between the spare tire and the wall of the car. This is not only discreet but also highly functional. There are many different mounting options for the dashcam, including mounts explicitly designed underneath your rearview mirror. If you want a discreet setup for your dashcam, the trunk is usually the best option.


A dashcam is a handy device that can save you a lot of money and hassle if used correctly. While some people like to utilize the dashcam for the sole purpose of catching incriminating footage, others use it for more serious reasons. However, if you are looking to conceal your dashcam from the likes of law enforcement, this article should help you get on your way.