Mobile Hotspot App Settings: (Settings Only Available on Android)

To use the dashcam as a mobile hotspot with an Android, download the “Auto Connect Hotspot” app from Google Play. Alternatively, you can use the “Open Signal” app and connect to your “Dash Cam WiFi.”

The settings and controls of the Auto-Connect Hotspot app are similar to that of “Open Signal.” It will allow you to set up a password for both the dashcam and your phone. At present, there is no available Android application that enables you to use Wi-Fi as a mobile hotspot with an iPhone other than the Auto-Connect Hotspot app. However, this doesn’t mean your iPhone won’t work either.

You will be able to use your device as a mobile hotspot with an iPhone by accessing your phone’s internet settings and settings up “Hotspot” as usual.

How to Connect Dash Cams With Screen Display?

For the dashcam, which allows you to turn on the screen and use it as display, connect your phone to the camera’s screen via the supplied USB cable that came with your dashcam. When you have connected your device to the camera’s USB port, access your phone’s Internet settings and turn Hotspot On. Turn on the dash cam’s Wi-Fi connection and click on the network your phone is connected to. Enter your device’s hotspot password when prompted and you will have Internet access. 

Dash Cam Without Display

For the dashcam that does not allow you to use it as a display but only as a recording device, there are two options.

1. Basic Connection Method

For this option, your dashcam will need a data cable that connects it to your car’s USB port. The USB data cable is the same standard used for voice recording devices. Before you connect anything to your dashcam, ensure that you have a connection by turning the car’s ignition off so that the dashcam is not recording when you are doing anything with it.

You will need to connect your dashcam the same way you connect your phone through a USB data cable. Using the car’s USB port, connect one end of the USB data cable to your dashcam while using the other end and plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter port.

Using this method, you should now have Internet access for your device by accessing your phone’s hotspot settings and selecting the suitable network.

2. Use an Android or iPhone

This connection method is achieved by using your phone’s data cable. For this, a special data cable (actually called “adapter”) is required. It connects your phone to the dashcam and comes with a micro-USB port. This port allows your device to be connected with the dashcam as it picks up the same network that the dashcam is broadcasting. It will additionally enable you to use several third-party software apps such as Hotspot Shield.


Using a dash camera as a mobile hotspot allows you to stay connected and use the Internet while on the go. By connecting your dashcam to your phone, you can create a mini-mobile hotspot network. This network allows connection of other devices such as tablets and laptops to surf the web or watch videos and access an endless number of other available online applications.