Formatting SD Cards for Dashcams

As you plan to use your dashcam for long periods, it’s essential that the memory card is protected by a case and remains in good condition. To ensure that your memory card doesn’t fail, you need to format it from time to time. 

Steps for Formatting SD Cards

1. Insert Your SD Card into the SD card reader or a memory card reader.

2. Wait for your computer to read the card, and then double-click on the drive letter of the SD card. 

3. Navigate to “Program Files” and double-click “SD Formatter.”

4. A small window will appear, with varying options. Select the “Overwrite” option. Ensure that you don’t have anything on the card that is essential for later use. 

5. When the process has finished, eject the SD Card and then remove it from your computer

6. The SD card is ready for use. 

Why Do Memory Cards Need Formatting?

1. Manufacturers use a file writing format that’s specific to the card they’re using.

2. Memory cards need formatting when they’re full as it allows for files to be written and read.

3. Formatting your cards helps in case of mishaps such as accidental deletion or file corruption.

Best Ways to Format a Microsd Card

There are three ways to format a Micro SD card.

1. You could use your computer and the format software.

2. If you’re using Windows 10, an inbuilt feature allows you to format cards.

3. The Micro SD card can also be formatted through macOS with its built-in disk utility feature. You need to locate it and hold the “Option” key while clicking on your memory card icon. 

Use Of Micro SD Cards in Dashcams 

1. The speed performance of these cards is higher than other types of memory chips. This allows the cards to handle high-speed video recording and also provides them with low-latency speed, which is necessary for offloading videos from the camera.

2. Micro SD cards are compact and can be fitted into the dash cams without taking up much space. They are also affordable as compared to other memory cards.

3. Micro SD memory cards are also resistant to shock, vibration, dust and temperature changes.

4. Micro SD cards have high endurance. This means that they can be used in extreme conditions or locations without leading to memory failure.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Micro SD Card for a Dashcam

1. Speed 

A Micro SD card that can handle a high throughput of data quickly. It is an important accessory for recording dashcam videos. Moreover, it’s always advisable to use cards with Class 10 and U1 formats. This ensures that the slots are capable of recording video from the cameras without any hitches.

2. Capacity

The capacity of memory cards depends on how much data can be recorded, stored and played back in one go. The card capacity also determines the video quality of the dashcam. The higher the capacity, the better the video quality. 

3. Durability

The durability of a card also depends on the type of process it uses. Memory cards that use a write-once technology have very low chances of failure compared to other types of memory cards.


Formatting your SD cards regularly is important to keep your dashcam from getting damaged. It also helps you to avoid any mishaps such as file corruption or overloading. Formatting cards are quite easy and can be done from your computer. If you’re using macOS, it can easily be formatted through the disk utility application.