The 360-Degree Capacity of Dvr: Where to Mount It?

Because the dashcams are so discreet, you can put them almost anywhere. One of the most popular places is to put it in the center console, at the perfect angle where it captures everything behind and in front of your car.

How to Install It

1) Take your car to a mechanic for installation.

2) Buy a dashcam with an internal battery and mounting kit. You’ll need a permanent installation for the dashcam and an emergency car charger. The dashcam with an internal battery and mounting kit is about $60 on and includes everything you need for the installation except the camera itself. You’ll need to buy an SD card (or purchase a 16GB micro SD card) and a USB cable to get the connection between your dashcam and computer.

3) Connect the kit to your car’s cigarette lighter plug and plug in the dashcam. Start your car, and keep it running for about 5 minutes.

4) Plug the dashcam into your computer with its included USB cable.

5) Insert the microSD card into your computer and it should immediately appear on a special dashboard software. Launch this program and set up the relevant details. You can also convert this dashboard camera in automatic mode, aligned with the engine’s starting mechanism. This allows the dashcam to store the video automatically on the computer or card.

6) Put the camera in a hidden position. You can take advantage of this feature, as well as the GPS receiver, and track your car’s location at all times.

360-Degree Dashcams

The dashcams can have a 360-degree camera and filming angle, enabling you to record everything in front of your car. Unlike most other cameras, the 360-degree dashcam does not rotate as you move around. You’ll get an amazing view of everything that’s unfolding at all times. This unit is ideal for auto racing fans and those who want to capture every angle of their driving adventures. It looks like a standard visor mounted device, but it’s much more advanced than that.


1) The camera comes with an automatic night vision and audio sensors that capture high-quality day or night footage.

2) It is always on and captures details while the car is in parking space or in transit. 

3) It is usually connected with a power cable, but some models can be mounted on your dash. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that saves footage if there’s a power failure.

4) The video recorder includes a pre-installed GPS receiver that provides an updated map for the city. 

5) It includes G-sensor technology that can detect and record any jolts or bumps your car may experience while driving.

6) This camera includes various connectivity options for uploading files to a computer or sending them straight to your smartphone over Bluetooth or USB connection.

7) It includes microSD memory card storage that you can remove and access for reviewing footage from a computer or smartphone.

8) The software allows you to easily export footage from the dashcam to your computer for playback.

9) It comes with parking mode. 

10) High resolutions: 1080p HD or even 4K.

Types of Dashcams: Wired or Wireless

Some dashcams are wireless and others come with an actual wire that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Wireless models are more convenient because there’s no clutter or wires involved. Secondly, they are more discreet. Those with a wire tend to be bulkier, and they can be spotted by thieves as an added security measure. This means that the wiring can be cut or disabled.

Popular Models

1. VIOFO A130 Dash Cam 

This dashboard camera comes with all of the features we’ve mentioned above. While the picture quality isn’t perfect, it’s at least high enough for a safety feature to capture every inch of your passenger seat. It also includes a GPS receiver that’s always up to date. It’s also not very expensive, selling for $70 online.

2. Viofo A138 Dash Cam

One of the cheapest dash cams on the market that still has all of the features we’ve mentioned above. You’ll find it selling for about $70 online at Amazon.

3. FineVid F371W Wireless Car Camera

This dashcam has a wide angle 176 degree, 2.7K camera with the flip screen design. It is fully waterproof and can be rotated remotely by an included twist mechanism. It can be turned to look directly in front of your car too.


These dashboard cameras are relatively inexpensive, and they’re much more trustworthy for their always-on functionality than standard car cameras. While these units are not full-width dash cams, they can be mounted anywhere. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for something discreet and not very expensive or something that you can keep in your glove compartment to access whenever you need to review footage.