Many people are starting to get into the dashcam trend, which is convenient for everyone. On this automated device, you can capture footage of the road when driving. This footage allows you to see what happens if a crash occurs or if it would be helpful for insurance purposes. However, there are more aspects to make a dashcam worthwhile than just capturing footage. This article helps to explain the benefits of having HDR on a dashcam.


The main reason for purchasing a dashcam is to record unfortunate events that may happen on the road. However, some cheap dashcams do not record in high-quality settings. Some even have poor night vision capabilities, which are not ideal for nighttime dashboard footage. However, some considerations make dash cams worthwhile. 

1. Durability

People can fit some dashcams into a car’s interior. The mounting points for these cameras may not be the most secured, which may cause a bit of worry about placing them inside the car for fear of getting damaged. However, dashcams should prove to last much longer than any other camera in this regard. Even if there is a car crash, the camera should be safe and functional after impact.

2. The Type Of Footage

By taking video in high quality, the user can ensure to fetch every detail. This high-quality footage allows the driver to see everything that happens on the road. There is no point for a camera to capture in low quality and lose out on important details.

3. Type Of Memory For Storage

The footage captured by the dashcam should be stored in a high-quality format. In addition, there should be enough storage available to accommodate high-resolution videos.

4. Connectivity 

A dashcam should be able to communicate with smartphones and other PCs for easier transferring of the footage. At times, a dashcam may be required for essential information like identification or for insurance purposes. In these cases, a Wi-Fi connection is required. The option of connecting to a phone would be ideal, but it would be best to have a fixed Wi-Fi connection if this is not possible.

5. Night Vision 

By adding night vision capabilities, the user can capture more footage in dark situations. This allows for enough footage to be captured at all times. One will also want to ensure that the dashcam is capable of capturing night footage, as this is relevant when driving by night.

What Is Hdr?

High Dynamic Range refers to the high contrast between the light and dark areas in a photograph or image. This contrast is achieved by capturing multiple images at different exposures in rapid succession, then combining the images.

Attributes of Hdr-Oriented Camera

1. HDR enables the cameras to capture clear pictures in low-light settings. This feature is handy for dashcams as they are often used at night to monitor driver’s behavior on the road. 

2. HDR allows dash cams to capture panoramic photos and videos as well; this ability helps it to capture a wider range of views than normal.

3. Only about 60% of all dash cams on the market have HDR. There are many options for people who are interested in purchasing one with HDR features.

4. HDR will provide the best night vision footage. This is because it captures a wider range of colors and the darker portions of an image give a clearer view of what is happening.

5. HDR will make a dashcam more appealing and desirable to the consumer as the footage looks appealing and draws in more customers. 

What Are the Benefits of Having Hdr?

There are many benefits to using a dashcam with HDR. 

1) The most important benefit is its use of contrast features. It allows the car to record clear images on hazy or foggy days. 

2) HDR makes a dashcam more capable when recording footage in fast-paced situations. Since the camera is capturing many images at different exposures, the recording quality will stay clear if the speed is high.

3) It allows for a driver to record footage from both front and rear cameras simultaneously. This is ideal for those who have cars with multiple cameras as they are able to capture everything happening from both sides of the road on one screen.

4) Another critical reason to use HDR is that it allows for better eyewitnesses because it can capture faces in poor lighting conditions.

5) It allows dash cams to capture footage at a wider range than usual. They can capture more extensive scenery.

Popular Dashcams With Hdr

There are many dash cams with the ability to have HDR

1. The Yi 4K Action Camera

It is one of the most popular dash cameras on the market. It offers HD videos in 1080p and sensors that capture up to 3.8 frames per second. The built-in processor allows it to convert high-quality videos in real-time. It can be used as an external camera, and it also has a microSD card slot for extended recording capacity.

2. The Garmin Dash Cam 55

This model is another popular dashcam that can record videos in 1080p HD and have a 30-second pre-buffer for enhanced recording quality. There are numerous built-in features, including loop recording, GPS location support, mobile connectivity through Wi-Fi or ANT+ to provide video data to smartphones and smart devices. It also has a G-Sensor that detects sudden acceleration or impact, and the G-Cam app is used to transfer the video files. 

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 works as a stand-alone camera via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it can be wirelessly connected with compatible devices. The dashcam is also designed to have an LCD screen on top for viewing the footage, so you can review it on your smartphone as needed.

It also has loop recording where if there is no motion for 30 seconds, the footage will be saved automatically. The card can hold up to 32GB of data which means 16 hours of HD footage captured at 30 frames per second.

3. The Blackvue DR750S-2CH DashCam

This model is an all-in-one dash cam with a built-in GPS to record information such as speed and location. In addition, it has a built-in G-Sensor to provide information on road conditions. It also has a redundant parking mode that allows the camera to start recording when the car stops. The Blackvue DR750S-2CH also has built-in Wi-Fi, a wide-angle lens that provides extra protection, and it can be used as an action camera to capture high-quality videos. 

The Blackvue DR750S-2CH comes with a 3″ screen for viewing footage while driving, and suction mounts for the screen, which provides numerous viewing angles. The camera also has a dual-storage system with the capability to have 32GB or 64GB of memory and a microSD card slot for extended memory. It also features a 3.5mm audio jack for playback, and it can wirelessly connect with smartphones or smart devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. 

This dashcam can be used in both the 2K and 4K recording modes. It can capture 4K videos at 30 frames per second and 720p HD videos at 60 frames per second. It can capture high-quality footage in low-light settings and can be used as an action camera. It can be used on motorcycles too. 

4. Z-EDGE Z3 Plus Dash Cam

This model is an all-in-one dash cam that looks like a smartphone. Its body is made up of aluminum alloy, so it is durable and lightweight. It also comes with a screen on the rear for viewing videos and an audio jack for recording or playback. In addition, it can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to provide video data to phones and smart devices. It also has a G-Sensor switch that detects sudden acceleration and impact to start recording when an incident happens. 

The Z-EDGE Z3 Plus Dash Cam has GPS support, loop recording, GPS location support, and mobile connectivity through Wi-Fi or ANT+ to provide video data to smartphones or smart devices and smart devices.

5. MBHB D201 Car Dash Camera

The MBHB D201 comes with a clip mount that is easy to install and remove. It is designed to be used with the car’s dashboard and also includes an extender for attaching it to rearview mirrors. It has a 1/4″ CCD sensor that allows for high-quality detail in videos and a microSD card slot, as well as a built-in G-Sensor. The dash camera also has motion detection for recording when there is no movement or a sudden change in the road. It supports loop recording and comes with a free smart device app that allows you to view videos on your phone or tablet.

The dashcam comes with a 3″ screen for viewing and it has a suction mount for attaching to the windscreen, bike handlebar, helmet, rearview mirror and windshield. It also has GPS location support, loop recording and a built-in G-Sensor. The camera also connects wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to provide video data to smartphones or smart devices.

Reasons Why Some People Think Hdr Is Not Suitable for Dashcams


HDR cameras are a useful addition to your dashcam, especially if you are someone who travels a lot. It is essential that you have an HDR camera because the footage can be used in court and it will help ensure that the satellite images and GPS data match up with the footage.  

Whether you want to have action-packed footage of a car crash or just be able to see what the road really looks like from your dashcam, then an HDR camera is essential. The videos it provides are clear and crisp, so it will help you keep yourself safe on the road and ensure that you don’t have any further incidents.


Q. What is the Difference between an HDR Camera and an SDR Camera?

A. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to a device that has a wide range of contrast. HDR cameras are more expensive than standard definition cameras. The use of an HDR camera in a car can enhance your ability to read the road conditions around you. SDR camera, on the other hand, is a standard definition camera in a car that can be used for motion recording. It is cheaper than its HDR counterpart and has a lower recording quality.

Q. What is the Difference between a Dashcam and a Dashcam with GPS?

A. A dashcam is simply a camera that sits on your dashboard, but it does not have any extra features. A dashcam with GPS will connect to your phone or tablet using an app and broadcast your location so you can see the route you covered on Google Maps.