Is It Worth Getting A Rear Dash Cam? 

It would seem that the answer to this question is an unquestionable yes. With the advancements in technology, especially in the automobile industry, why wouldn’t one want a rear-dash camera? These cameras offer a clear vision of the vicinity surrounding the automobile. They offer multiple benefits to law enforcement agencies by capturing wanted drivers and criminals as well as prove the innocence of other individuals. 

Why do you think it is worth getting a rear-dash camera? In order to properly answer this question, it’s important to define what a dashcam is? A dashcam is a small camera that is placed inside the vehicle for recording events and incidents. A rear-dash cam, on the other hand, provides a clear view of the vehicle’s back and its surroundings. It comes in handy for situations such as car trails, incidents or as evidence for individuals.

Benefits Of A Rear-Dash Cam

1. Insurance claims

If an individual has been involved in a collision, they could use a rear-dash cam as evidence to prove that they were innocent or not at fault. Also, the insurance company, if they are in possession of the dashcam footage, can review it to determine whether or not the policyholder was at fault. In either case, the footage would act as a potential savior.

2. Intelligence Gathering

If you are a law enforcement officer, you could use a rear-dash cam to gather evidence against criminals. They can also be used as key pieces of evidence for individuals who have committed traffic violations or hit and run cases. This will help to reduce the number of innocent individuals who are being accused without proper evidence.

3. Proof Of Ownership

Having videos from rear dashcams can be used as proof of ownership in case of any theft or embezzlement. If you own a company, you can use the dashcam footage as evidence to prove that the vehicle and its parts are yours. In case of an incident or theft, a police officer can review the footage and act accordingly. 

4. Training

The rear-dash cam can be used as a training tool for rookie police officers. It not only makes their jobs easier but also saves the lives of motorists. For instance, if a police officer wants to relate the work management of the cadets to new trainees, then he can show videos of training sessions which can help the newcomers learn better. 

5. Partnerships

With the recent developments in modern technology, dashcams and smartphones are becoming more promising. Technology has evolved to this extent that business owners can easily couple their dashcams with their smartphones. This will allow them to collect relevant footage on the spot without wasting time. The footage also helps them to effortlessly produce qualitative videos in case it is required for marketing or demonstrations. 

 Drawbacks Of A Rear Dashcam

1. Cost

A rear-dash cam is quite expensive as compared to standard dashcams. According to sources, the rear-dash cam can cost anywhere between $70 and $200, depending on its features and settings. However, the above-mentioned price doesn’t include incidentals such as storage space or hard disk which can be bought separately for an additional cost.

2. Installation

As stated above, the rear-dash cam requires installation. The entire process is quite complex and time-consuming and may require the services of a professional as well. Therefore, this can be a major drawback for individuals who don’t have proper knowledge about car parts or how to install them. 

3. Hardware Failures

The rear dashcam can malfunction due to many reasons. It could be due to loose parts which can result in a lack of sufficient voltage. There are also cases where the battery drains too quickly, or stops working altogether, and will need replacement. 

Top Brands For Rear Dashcams

1. Lorex Rear Dashcams

Lorex is definitely one of the most popular brands. It is known for offering high-quality products which are reasonably priced. Lorex offers multiple rear-dash cameras with different features and specifications. Lorex is well known for offering two models, LDC-400 and LDC-800.

2. Samsung Smart Rear-Dash Cam

This camera is quite similar to Lorex LDC-800. However, it is smaller than the LDC-800 and can be installed easily in any vehicle. It comes with a Wi-Fi system that allows owners to stream videos wirelessly through an app on their devices. Also, it offers 8-megapixel resolution and features 1080p HD video recording.

3. Nextbase 412GW Rear Dashcam

Nextbase 412GW comes with GPS tracking and G-Sensor. It offers a clear night vision and has a wide-angle lens which is perfect for interior recording. It also comes with a built-in microphone which allows the user to voice and record whatever is said. However, this camera is quite expensive and doesn’t come with any accessories such as a suction mount or cover.

4. Autel MaxiDASH Rear Dash Cam

The camera is equipped with a powerful 8MP sensor and offers clear footage even in low light conditions. It includes a G-sensor, digital speed dialer, and built-in GPS system which allows users to know about the coordinates of their vehicle. However, this camera doesn’t come with any accessories such as a suction mount or gel material to protect from moisture and UV.

5. ViewHD Pro Rear Dash Cam

ViewHD Pro Rear Dashcam comes with a wide-angle lens that allows users to record without any distortions. It comes with a G-sensor that alerts drivers about the parking condition of the automobile. However, this camera is expensive and doesn’t come with a suction or gel material cover or mount. 


Taking into consideration all the available benefits and drawbacks, it is evident that rear-dash cams are more than worth the investment. The images recorded by these cameras can be used to serve multiple purposes such as insurance claims, intelligence gathering, proof of ownership and training. In addition, they offer high-quality footage that can be used to attract customers to your brand. Lastly, rear dashcams save money and time as well. If you are planning to invest in any form of technology, then going for a rear-dashcam is highly recommended.


Q: Will the camera be able to record if my car is moving fast?

A: Yes, but sometimes it gets complex as the camera may not be able to keep up with the speed of your car. It may be better to take visuals on a straight road or a stretch of highway to get premium quality. 

Q: What happens if you do not have a memory card?

A: The camera will continue to function but it may not be able to capture full recording. There are some models which offer “Loop Recording” mode for continuous recording features. 

Q: Does the camera come with GPS?

A: Most of the time, the rear dashcams come with GPS. However, in case the dashcam lacks this feature, an additional device called a GPS logger can be used to save the location of your car.