Since Uber has gone worldwide, and its popularity is steadily rising, many drivers have wondered how to install a dashboard camera to their vehicles. This article will explain the benefits of using a dash cam for Uber and explain why they’re suitable for it.

What Is a Dashcam?

A dash camera is built into a car and is called a recording camera. It mainly functions as a safety camera but can also be used for evidence purposes. There are many different brands and models on the market, but the most recommended dash cam for Uber drivers is BlackVue.

Types of Dashcams

There are two main types of dashcams, a front-facing and a rear-facing one. The front one’s primary function is to keep your car safe from harm by recording any accident that might happen and alerting you when it does.

Rear cameras mainly function as evidence cameras; they record the events that happen around the vehicle while you’re driving. It is beneficial in case of an unfortunate accident.

Some other types of cameras include

1) Mirror Dash Cams: They are also known as wing-mirror dash cams. They are known for their stealth and easy installation. You can set them up behind your wing mirror so that they record everything happening in front of your vehicle.

2) Under Dash Cams: These also work as mirror dash cams, but they are slightly more complicated to install.

3) Specialty Dash Cams: Some dash cams have unique features, like G-sensors, WDR (for nighttime driving) and reversing functions. 

4) Dual Dash Cam: Some drivers use two cameras, a front-view and a rear-view camera. They use two car cameras to watch what’s happening in front and what’s happening behind it.

Features of a Dashcam

There are a lot of safety features that can be useful for Uber drivers, but the main ones are:

Wide Viewing Angle

Most dash cams have high-definition cameras with a wide-angle lens to record everything that happens around a vehicle. This lens is suitable for an Uber driver since it can help in recording and maintaining minor accidents. The front camera also works in the same way. 

Motion Detection

This feature is helpful because it can record slight movements and actions that take place around the vehicle. You can also use the motion detection feature to record during emergencies or when an accident occurs automatically. 

Parking Mode

This mode is usually enabled when the motion detection feature isn’t working. It starts recording when you place your car in a parking spot. This mode would prevent you from getting in an accident while you’re parked, and if you do, it would be beneficial to have a video of the event.


This feature is handy for Uber drivers because it can provide accurate GPS locations. Most dash cams have a built-in GPS which would record exactly where the car is at all times.

Time Lapse 

This feature works as a backup in case you forget to turn on the parking mode. It takes a snapshot of the dashcam every two or five seconds to keep a thorough record of any accident that would occur. 

App Controllable 

Uber drivers can use this attribute because it allows efficient control of cameras from a smartphone. Using this feature, you can set the time or turn off the recording; you can also use other special features like G-sensors and WDR.

Memory Card

Dash cameras use SD cards to store all the videos and photos you take. The most common-sized memory card is 32GB. You can get a dashcam with more or less memory, but 32GB would be enough for a day’s work. Memory cards come in different speeds, and the most common one is class 10.

Night Vision 

This feature is crucial for Uber drivers since the environment within a vehicle isn’t as clear as outdoors. There’s a high possibility of getting into an accident when it’s dark, so night vision can help resolve issues.

Quality And Costs

There are many factors to consider when buying a dashcam, including quality (whether it can record HD videos or not), price, and features. The prices of dash cams vary depending on what you want to get out of them.

Benefits of Using a Dashcam

There are many benefits to using a dashcam, and it can serve as evidence if you’re involved in an unfortunate event like a car collision or anything while driving for Uber. It is also beneficial when there’s a hit and run or any incident that could lead to a false report by the client.

A dashcam can be used as a precautionary measure to keep your car safe from harm, as well as for evidence in case you’re involved in an unfortunate event.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Dash Cams for Uber

There are many different types of dash cams on the market, and most of them are suitable for use while driving for Uber, but there are some key factors that you should look out for when choosing one.

1) Storage space

The size of the storage space, how long it can record, and the type of its memory are significant features to look at. A dashcam should be able to store footage for a few days. 

2) Video quality

The video quality should be at least 720p, and the lens should be sharp and wide-angled.

3) Size

The camera’s size should be easy to install and use, and you should be able to control it easily while driving.

4) Mounting system

The mounting system on a dashcam should be stable. That way, it won’t accidentally fall off when driving and will stay there until you finish your drive. I prefer having a camera with a mount with suction cups to mount it on the windshield.

5) Privacy

The dashcam should have its privacy setting on so that it isn’t recording anything while you’re driving.

6) Preloaded Video Guide 

The video guide will help you easily use the device and save you from accidentally turning it on or off. The dashcam manufacturer provides an instructional video on installing the autostart, auto-stop, and other basic settings.

7) Forward Collision Warning

A dashcam with a forward-collision warning system can alert the driver if they’re getting too close to something. This warning can prevent accidents from happening.

8) Lane Departure Warning 

Most dash cameras have a sensor that detects when you’re driving too close to the line, and it can alert you and give an audio warning. It is helpful for preventing accidents and reducing traffic violations.

9) Parking Monitoring

A dashcam with a parking monitor feature means that it can record while you’re parked. This feature is helpful in situations where your car might be broken into or if something happens and you need to know how it started.

10) Driver Fatigue Warning

This warning is a vital feature for Uber drivers. Driver fatigue warning system can alert the driver if they’re too tired and need to rest for a while. This warning could prevent them from falling asleep during driving, especially at night.

Reason for Using Dashcams for Uber

Many people are trying to find ways to use their dash cams on their Uber cars and ensure quality and reliable evidence that can be used if there is an unfortunate event during a ride

1) Recording Evidence

Your dash cam is an essential part of recording footage during every ride if you’re in the middle of an accident, and you need to send those videos to insurance companies. You can also use the footage to prove to your insurance company that you were driving the car.

2) Ride Smoother 

The dashcam can help you drive smoother and quicker. The dashcam has a parking mode that constantly records, and it will automatically activate when you turn the car’s engine on. This feature is great for Uber drivers since they need to drive quickly, park the car for a while, and then drive again. You can’t forget to turn it off because your battery drains quickly if it keeps recording when not in use.

3) Uber Driver Rating

Having a dashcam can help improve your Uber rating because you can provide the video recording to the client if they don’t remember something. The video footage not only helps you record what happened, but it also helps confirm that it was you who was driving at that time.

Even though Uber has a rating system, there are still cases of people who find ways to get away with their bad attitude and behavior towards their drivers. With a dashcam, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim by video recording during your ride. 

4) Dashboard

Dashcams have their dashboard and can help you monitor the condition of your car’s engine, GPS tracking, and other car equipment. You can also save your dashcam footage using the app.


In conclusion, having a camera recorder is very beneficial for Uber drivers who want to make money and protect themselves at the same time. There are many types of dash cams on the market, and they could vary in the way they work, but they all have the same goal: Keeping you safe.


Q: Where can I buy a dashcam for my car?

A: You can buy a dashcam from any electronic store, Amazon or eBay. (But the best place to get one is from Amazon).

Q: How much does a dash cam cost?

A: The prices of the dash cams vary depending on the features they have and the brand they are. So it is challenging to state the price of this kind of camera clearly.

Q: How can I make money using my dashcam?

A: You can use it to record video footage of your rides and share that footage online so that people could experience the other side of an Uber ride. You could also set up your dashcam, and the recording will start automatically when you turn on the engine.

Q: Is it legal to use a dashcam while driving?

A: There are no regulations about using dashcams while driving across the US. But some countries have regulations regarding dashboard recording, including Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.