Time-lapse videos can be a really great way to capture the passage of time. These videos capture many frames for a set period of time and then play one frame after another at an accelerated speed. No matter how long your time-lapse video is, it will only take about five seconds to watch the whole thing in its accelerated form. Dash Cams are used to capture video from your vehicle and save it to your hard drive, which is then used to create a time-lapse video. 

This article will provide information on dash-cams and their usage for time-lapse videos that are made on vacation and road trips.

Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos are a unique way of capturing the passing landscape. Stitching together multiple photos taken at specific periods gives the viewer an entirely new view. The video below contains an overview of how time-lapse videos work, what some of their uses are and what makes them appealing to viewers.

Benefits Of Time-Lapse Videos 

1. Reviving Memories

Capturing the passing landscape is a great way to remember a vacation or road trip. This type of video can help re-capture a thrilling and exciting experience for others to see that otherwise might not have been remembered. 

2. A Unique Look At The World

Watching rapid transitions, like the time it takes for a cloud to pass overhead or a tree to lose all of its leaves, can be a fun way to spend a few minutes. Time-lapse videos can help you relive your most memorable moments, such as a trip through Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa or going to a concert or sporting event.

3. Capturing A Personal Vision

Capturing the passage of time is a unique way to express yourself. Depending on how the video is done and what you choose to focus on, time-lapse videos can be used to express your artistic side. They can include multiple time-lapse sequences to illustrate a point or capture the passing seasons. For example, in this time-lapse video, the author uses multiple sequences to create a personal vision for different seasons.

Essential Features for Buying a Dashcam for Time Lapse Videos

There are many essential features to look for when buying a time-lapse dashcam. Keeping that in mind, let’s lay down some basic rules for defining a durable and long-lasting camera.

1) Durability

A dashcam should be as durable as possible. It needs to withstand the rigors of being mounted in a vehicle without being destroyed or damaged. The body on which the camera is mounted also needs to be durable and strong enough to keep out temperature extremes and weather elements. This will ensure that your camera will last for years while capturing memories.

2) Storage

Unlike most cameras, a dashcam should have its own internal storage. This storage should be large enough to hold the video that is being recorded at any given time. Most dashcams designed for this purpose have an internal flash memory of 8GB to 32GB or more. The total capacity of the camera is in between two and twenty hours, depending on the frame rate and resolution in use. The amount of internal memory may vary at times.

3) Backup 

In order to save the time-lapse video to a device, the camera must be able to send the video files back to your computer. The cable used must be of good quality and capable of holding up against extreme temperature changes. This cable should be capable of transferring data at a reasonable speed, allowing you enough time to view your video before it is erased.

Best Dashcams for Time-Lapse Videos

Below, we have listed the best dashcams for capturing frames in time-lapse videos.

1)The G1W Pro DashCam

This video recording camera is one of the best dashcams for capturing frames in time-lapse videos. It is a fixed-focal 5MP camera built to withstand harsh weather conditions. With its all-weather design, it can record 24/7 and keep your footage safe and secure. This camera records video at 15fps and takes still images at 3. 

It has a memory card capacity of 32GB and has a 1.5″ LCD screen. To keep your footage safe, it has a locking file button and an emergency lock button. Its cost ranges from $50 for the international version to $75 for the domestic version. Its battery life ranges from 3-4 hours.

2) A118C DashCam

This camera is also a good option for capturing frames in time-lapse videos. It has a built-in 2.7″ LCD screen and records video at 1920x1080P, making it great for recording license plates of cars passing by. It is capable of recording at 30fps. It has an SD card capacity of 32GB, which is enough to capture photos for at least a week. It also comes with a prominent Wi-Fi and GPS antenna that can track your location. Its price ranges from $85 to $95, and its battery life ranges from 4 to 6 hours with continuous recording.

3) The NextBase 512GW DashCam

Another great option is the NextBase 512GW Dashcam. It is an easy-to-use and affordable accessory that is designed to record front-facing videos in HD. This camera has GPS built into it, tracking your location and speed and making it suitable for road trips. It comes with a 7 inch LCD that supports touch screen technology. To protect footage, it has a temperature sensor that monitors the car’s temperature and connected devices. 

The NextBase 512GW also comes with a quick mount that will clip onto any car’s dashboard. It can withstand Arctic weather conditions and record up to 5 minutes of video while plugged into a power source. Its price ranges from $90-$100, and its battery life ranges from 4 to 5.5 hours with continuous recording.

4) Belkin PB1601 DashCam

Belkin PB1601 is a 24/7 all-weather footage camera that can record videos in 1080P and 1296P. It comes with a 1/2″ CMOS sensor that captures video at 30fps & 10fps, making it an ideal camera for capturing license plates and passing cars. It also comes with a 3.0″ screen that allows you to view footage of the past in vivid colors. The camera can be used in most weather conditions, making it great for indoor and outdoor use. Its price ranges from $50 to $60. The camera has a battery life of 4 to 6 hours, and it uses a microSD card of up to 32GB. 

5) Venture X1 PRO DashCam

This camera is another convenient option for capturing frames in time-lapse videos, as it is a compact 3020mAh battery. It also has GPS built into it, which can track your location and speed. The camera has a video resolution of 1080P and records videos at 30fps. 

It comes with a large 2.7″ LCD screen that renders prominent visualization in real-time and provides an option to save it onto a micro SD memory card. To protect your footage, it has a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of your car and connected devices. Its price ranges from $110-$120, and its battery functions for 4-5 hours with continuous recording.

6) Venture S1 Plus

This dashboard camera is another option for capturing frames in time-lapse videos. It has a compact 3020mAh battery and is resistant to extreme temperatures. This camera features GPS and Wi-Fi technology that you can use to upload footage right from your camera onto your computer or mobile device. 

The camera also comes with a large 2.7″ screen that features touch screen technology, allowing you to use your fingers to playback footage and save it onto a micro SD card (maximum storage space of 64GB). To protect your footage, it has a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of your car and connected devices. It can withstand weather conditions and record videos for up to 6 minutes while plugged into a power source. Its price ranges from $60-$70.


With a dashcam, you can capture some great footage of your road trips and everyday travels. These cameras are good options for capturing time-lapse footage due to their features and ease of use. Remember to check each camera on its website before making a purchase. Good Day!


Q. Which dashcams come with extra batteries and offer loop recording?

A. The A118C dashcam comes with extra batteries so you can record more videos. It also has loop recording and can record continuously.

Q. What is the best dash cam that comes with GPS capability?

A. The best dashcam that comes with GPS capabilities would be the Nextbase 512GW dashcam. It has GPS encoded into it for tracking your location and speed. 

Q. Can dashcams be used for capturing images?

A. Yes. Dashcams can be used for capturing images through the use of time-lapse features. Most dash cams come with time-lapse settings that allow you to create a video showing a snapshot of your journey. 

Q. What is loop recording?

A. Loop recording is the capability of a dashcam to start recording once it detects motion or changes in light intensity and continues to record till the driving session remains. 

Q. What does POV mean in a dashcam?

A. POV stands for Point Of View and indicates that a particular camera can record from the driver’s viewpoint.