A dashboard camera is an appliance that mounts on a vehicle’s dashboard, and it automatically records video (or audio). There are both rear-view and front-view dashcams for cars. This article will discuss not only the reasons why Uber drivers should install a dashcam but also what benefits it has for them.

Reasons Why Uber or Lyft Drivers Need a Dashcam

1) Disturbing Passengers

Passengers, at times, can be horrible and downright insane. They are a constant source of stress on the Uber drive. However, a dashcam can help solve this problem since it keeps track of all the information and any offense committed by an Uber passenger.

2) Cops Hiding Behind Bushes 

It is not uncommon for police officers to hide behind bushes and trees as they wait for Uber or Lyft drivers to pick up passengers. One can know where the police are and avoid being trapped in a situation where a cop hides behind a tree or bush waiting to arrest. This situation arises when there is a complaint being made against the driver.

3) Sexual Assault

It should also be noted that sexual assaults are common in cars, and some passengers can act rudely. A dashcam can serve as an extra security system for a driver since the information would help him avoid getting a ticket and help prevent suicidal tendencies among passengers and other reasons. Dashcams video footage is a good source of evidence. 

4) Noticing Illegal Acts

A driver needs to note any illegal acts that the passengers commit. A dashcam would help serve as a security system and as a source of proof in case of different violations committed by the passengers, such as no payments, abuse, and other acts. For Uber drivers, a dashcam is an added safety measure for protecting themselves from their passengers.

5) Remembering Everyone 

It is important to remember all the passengers you have picked up in case of a problem. A dash cam can help to recall all the people that you drive around each day. This is because you would have access to the footage for as long as you need to. It would also help Uber drivers prove that they drove a passenger around or not.

6) Getting Paid on Time 

Another benefit to having a dashcam is the time it saves in paying for the trip. Uber provides every driver with its regular payment schedule, which is either 45 minutes or 60 minutes. However, if you have a dash cam on your vehicle, you would not be able to make an income until you get the trip(s) footage and submit it online.

7) Accidents

If you are involved in accidents like car crashes or a scam, a dashcam can help you out. It records all the information and any evidence that you need to prove your innocence. Accidents also happen with Uber passengers, and it is always hard to tell who’s a fault it is. Dashcam footage will help provide the evidence that you need to support yourself against false claims by your passenger or by other drivers involved in the accident.

8) Parking Lots

A dashcam can help Uber drivers navigate their way through parking lots. It would also serve as security for them. A dashcam can help an Uber driver navigate through different parking lots while avoiding any potential danger.

Advantages of Dashcams

Like we said before, a dashcam is not something that everyone uses. It is used primarily in the United States and the UK, but Uber drivers primarily use it because of all the risks involved.

1) They Provide Evidence 

An Uber driver’s job is to drive passengers from a point to another. While driving, they encounter many different situations that can result in an accident. If the two cars involved decide to settle the matter in court, a dashcam would be a piece of effective evidence. A dash cam can also capture any information that passengers provide.

2) Removing stress 

A dashcam is a great way for Uber drivers to remove the stress that comes with the job. It also helps drivers by recording any events that may cause a problem in the future. A dashcam, therefore, helps to create less pressure for the drivers and helps them prevent any future issues. It also brings awareness about potential dangers while driving.

3) Protecting from Scams

A dashcam is also an excellent way for Uber drivers to protect themselves from scams. The footage recorded by the dashcam will serve as evidence if the driver contacts the police claiming that the passenger ran away without paying or abused him. 

4) Night Vision

Most dash cams come with night vision capabilities. These dashcams can record audio and video in the dark, which makes dealing with passengers easier. This feature is another essential aspect of using a dashcam since you can quickly see if a passenger is drunk or driving recklessly.

5) Navigation

A dashcam can help you navigate through different parking lots and help you avoid any potential danger. This is especially helpful when driving at night since it would be easy for the camera to turn on the light to see the parking lot.

Which You Should Purchase a Dashcam?

Getting a hi-tech dashcam is not an easy task. There are lots of important features which you should consider before getting a dashcam. Here’s a list that will help you decide which dashcam to get for your Uber business:

1) Minimalism 

You want the dashcam to be as minimal and discreet as possible. You do not want it to become a distraction for your passengers; therefore, getting a dashcam that looks like a regular gadget is better. The idea behind having a dashcam is to avoid distracting your passengers, and it blends well with the car’s interior. 

2) Audio 

A dashcam that records both audio and video improves the overall safety of an Uber driver. You would record what is going on in the vehicle if there is an issue when you are driving. Some dash cams come with a voice recorder, while others do not have it at all. Also, make sure that you check if the audio recording is clear and not distorted.

3) Long Battery Life

One needs to purchase a dashcam that has long battery life. It would be best to get one with an extended battery, and it should entail an option for constant power. Drivers who drive at night have limited time to charge their devices; therefore, they need a dashcam with durable battery life.

4) Video Quality 

A high-definition video is essential for a dashcam. Moreover, the resolution of the camera and the quality of the lens should be high. Most of the cameras provide footage in HD and 4K, which are great options for recording videos. Also, bear in mind that you need a dashcam that can record footage even in low light.

5) SD Card 

You should get a dashcam with a micro SD card slot. It should save images and videos on an external disk rather than on its internal storage. This feature is important because it would prevent any footage from being deleted unintentionally. Also, a memory card is important because it can store images and videos for long periods.

6) GPS

A GPS tracker is another essential feature that you should look for when buying a dashcam. This feature will help track the location of your car and record it for future use. Many different brands make GPS-enabled dashcams, so you should research highly on what features the dashcam has.


The Uber business is an exciting one, but it is still not safe. Many risks and dangers come with it, but it is all about avoiding any future problems at the end of the day. The best way to avoid any potential issues or scams is by using a dashcam. It’s a great way to stay safe and helps others in different situations like robberies or accidents.


Q. How do I install a dashcam in my Uber car?

A. Once you have bought a dashcam, make sure that it works well and is easy to use. To install the dashcam, all you need to do is place it where you see fit. You can set it by your mirror or on the windshield, or even under the seat. Ensure that the dash camera can record everything in front of you, including the car’s interior. 

Q. How do I remove the car’s old dashcam? 

A. If you are going to install a dashcam, you will first need to remove the old one. You can remove it by unscrewing its wires from the fuse box. You should also take out the SD card and remove any other external connectors. Finally, cut off any excess wire from the dashcam before putting it away in your car’s glove compartment or under the seat.

Q. How much does a dash cam cost?

A. Most dash cams on the market currently run from $50 to $150. The more you spend on a dashcam, the better the quality it will entail. The cheapest dashcam available is the Amcrest, which has excellent reviews and is well known in the industry. For around $100, you can have one that will record in HD 1080p video and can store up to 20 hours of footage before it needs to be formatted on your computer.