Best Dash Cams For Uber And Lyft Drivers - Top 09 Picks Of 2023

If you drive Uber or any other rideshare service, your priority is to provide the finest customer service. That said, it is essential to protect yourself against false claims and accusations. Most Uber dash cams fail to provide you with a high-quality user experience. They record low-quality video and audio that’s useless as evidence.

To help you choose wisely, we have prepared a list of the 9 best dash cams for Uber and rideshare driving services in 2022. We hope it will be a lot easier for you to buy one after checking out these reviews.

So, what is the best dash cam for Uber? Let’s take a look at the top products featured in this article.

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  • Fair price range according to features
  • 3-dimensional camera
  • 1080p and 1 140 p high-quality recording
  • Excellent build quality
  • 2.45 inches IPS display
  • Secure parking mode
  • Integrated SONY STARVIS
  • Up to 256 GB SD card support
  • Powered by a capacitor
  • PC and Mac support
  • Suitable for many cars


  • No WiFi support

Our number 1 pick is the Vantrue N4 Uber dash cam. It is a professional dash cam for Uber that includes multiple useful features and automated sensors for your safety. It is the best dash cam to buy. Let’s take a look at its specifications.

Vantrue N4 comes with three dash cams. The front camera records at 1 140p, and it is also equipped with an interior facing and back facing cam capable of recording at 1 080p.

All three cameras function simultaneously and keep all the video footage stored in an installed memory card.

Moreover, it features integrated SONY STARVIS sensors. They are pretty helpful in recording clear daylight footage and vivid night vision videos.

Vantrue N4 also has a built-in 2.45 IPS auto LCD for live monitoring of the footage. It also indicates whether your dash cams are activated or not. It is equipped with motion sensors and automatically starts recording when it senses a movement.

Vantrue N4 also consists of a button to turn audio recording ON or OFF with just a push along with a snapshot button. It even features a built-in microphone that records all the sounds within your car. As a bonus, it includes a time-lapse feature that ensures a longer recording time with reduced file space.

It also features an additional button that can be placed on your steering wheel. It enables you to capture footage on cue in case of emergencies.

However, Vantrue N4 does not have a WiFi connection. So you are unable to transfer your footage to your smartphone remotely. That said, it is compatible with PC and Mac for easy file sharing and transfer. It connects via a USB type C port.

Your purchase is secured with a 30-day return policy and an 18-month warranty. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Lastly, it supports up to 256 GB of SD cards for seamless recording without worrying about the storage capacity.



  • Affordable
  • Dual Cameras
  • Excellent build quality
  • High-resolution recording
  • Best picture quality
  • Precise image sensors
  • WiFi support
  • Automatic recording
  • Powered by a capacitor
  • Suction cup attachment
  • Add-on hardware support
  • Suitable for many cars


  • Two separate cameras
  • No anti-glare filter

Our number 2 pick is Viofo A129, an all-in-one package for the dashboard cameras market, as it is packed with multiple features and meets all user requirements. It is a good dash cam for Uber drivers and allows various add-on hardware support. 

The Viofo A129 is equipped with the best dual 1080p dash cam for interior and exterior recordings. Its front cam records at a stunning resolution of 1920x1080p at 30fps.  On the other hand, its interior camera is adjustable and can rotate at 180° to cover any specific area within your car. It also shoots at 1920x1080p at 30fps.

It is specifically designed to be compact and small so as not to alarm the passengers.

Moreover, it possesses high-quality image sensors for both cams. They are equipped with LED lights that are automatically adjusted to record clear videos in dark surroundings.

It is equipped with an integrated microphone. It records clear audio of passengers and any other sound within the car, thus providing a precise audio recording quality.

Additionally, it features a buffered parking mode feature for the safety of your car when it’s parked. Buffered parking mode records video continuously but stores it on cache and not on an SD card. In case of an impact, it saves the footage of that scene into your SD card.

This A129 includes 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band WiFi support for remote surveillance or transferring footage to your phone.

 It also supports loop recording that overwrites new videos over old ones when your storage is complete to avoid losing video samples.

Lastly, it allows you to install a GPS module along with a GPS antenna that is sold separately to track your exact location, driving speed and time within your country.



  • High-resolution recording
  • 2 inches IPS LCD display
  • Wide-angle frame camera lens
  • IPX7 water-proof
  • Three recording modes
  • SONY STARVIS sensor
  • Exclusive driving assist features
  • Up to 128 GB of SD card support


  • Expensive
  • No integrated GPS antenna

This GoSafe S780 is the best dash cam for Uber and is equipped with all the necessary features. Papago has an elite range of dash cams with outstanding customer reviews. It helps you in recording and suspicious moments during a Uber ride to defend yourself. So to understand this product better, let us take a sneak peek at its features.

This GoSafe S780 features a dual camera along with simultaneous recording. It includes one front camera and one rear camera for a complete exterior recording.

Its front camera is capable of recording at Full HD 1080p. However, its rear camera is equipped with a SONY Exmor sensor for clear image quality at night in its enhanced night vision mode.

Both of these cameras are IPX7 water proof which is an added benefit. However, they are capable of recording minor details like license plates, etc.

Additionally, it has a built-in SONY STARVIS sensor. It automatically adjusts light in dark surroundings to produce a clear picture quality.

Moreover, its ultra-wide mode captures and records wide viewing frames, which can be helpful in the emergency recording of accidents.

It also features a 2 inches IPS LCD display for live recording monitoring and adjusts camera settings.

Moving on, Papago GoSafe S780 has three integrated recording modes. It includes automatic recording, monitor mode, and motion-activated detections.

As a bonus, it features some exclusive driver-assist features such as Driver fatigue warning, Stop and Go, Stop sign recognition, and lights reminders to keep you safe and focused on the road without worrying about anything.

Finally, it supports up to 128 GB of micro SD card with up to 8 hours of continuous recording at a high resolution of 1080p at 30 fps.



  • Dual cam mode
  • High-resolution recordings
  • Premium build quality
  • Simplified design
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built-in proximity sensors
  • SONY STARVIS redefining sensors
  • 128 GB SD card support
  • Built-in microphone
  • Auto recording and parking modes
  • Scheduled reboot system
  • LED indicators


  • Not a competitive price
  • Fairly low light recording quality

BlackVue is a leading manufacturer of quality assured dash cams. They have been in the business for a very long time. They offer innovative products with high-end features, superb clarity and video quality. Here, we discuss the BlackVue DR750S dash cam recommended for Uber.

BlackVue features a Dual camera setup with front and rear cameras. It allows you to record high-quality videos of your surroundings or within the car for your safety.

BlackVue is made up of premium quality plastic which is sturdy and reliable. Both cams are enclosed in a cylindrical-shaped mount.

DR750S records high-quality 4K video from its front dash camera and 1080p resolution footage from its rear camera. 4K video shoots like a charm during daylight.

BlackVue DR7 5 0S is equipped with proximity sensors. These sensors allow you to perform multiple customized functions from a wave of your hand. You can set up those functions from the settings menu.

Additionally, it features SONY STARVIS image sensors redefining technology. It enhances your image or footage in low light to capture everything in night vision while driving.

It supports 128 GB of SD cards, with a 16GB SD card included in the package. This extensive storage support allows you to record hours of footage without any difficulties.

DR7 5 0S is equipped with a built-in microphone and has the ability to precisely record all the sounds within your car.

Moreover, it has LED indicators that respond on recording, GPS position activation, Microphone access and many other functionalities.

It features WiFi for wireless connectivity. It is compatible with the BlackVue app for iOS and Android. It allows you to watch live or recorded footage over your phone remotely. The only requirement is that your dash cam should be connected to an active internet network.

Surprisingly, it features loop mode, which allows its system to rewrite old files without interrupting the recording if you are low on storage. It benefits you to have that recorded part even if it goes out of your mind to clear up its hold.

Lastly, it features an automatically scheduled reboot system that rescues you from manual maintenance.



  • Affordable
  • Dual cameras
  • SONY IMX323 CMOS image sensor
  • High-resolution 1080p recording
  • 4 infrared IR LEDs
  • Built-in GPS
  • Capacitor powered
  • Parking mode
  • Up to 128 GB SD card support


  • No WiFi
  • No app support

This Roav best dual dash cam for Uber is manufactured by a reputable company. Anker has been in business for a very long time. This best dash cam for Uber features multiple functions and specifications.

It is made of sturdy plastic with a compact design. It resembles a tube with two cameras, both at each end of the tube.

Moreover, Anker designed this Roav dash cam device with a dual-lens camera. It features a front camera, a rear camera, along with a rear-view mirror that efficiently covers the interior and exterior of your car.

The dual cameras are equipped with SONY IMX323 CMOS sensors that provide outstanding video quality with 1080p video resolution.

However, both of its lenses are wide viewing angled. Its front camera lens has a 155 degrees angle that could cover four lanes of traffic, and its inner camera has a 110-degree angle.

It has four infrared lights integrated into the body to record everyone or capture your car interior even in complete darkness.

Moreover, it has built-in GPS data, which allows you to track your car’s location and its current speed. It displays over the footage and can be turned OFF in the settings per the driver’s need.

It is powered by a capacitor instead of a battery pack. It allows it to run smoothly even in extreme weather.

Moreover, it provides storage compatibility of up to 128 GB with SD card support. It enables you to record hours of footage before making recording space for another day.

Additionally, it features parking mode with 24/7 recording with motion detection so that you can have footage of any time to identify the thing.

Lastly, it does not feature WiFi or any application client. So, you have to watch from the SD card manually.



  • Affordable
  • Dual Camera System
  • Compact design with premium build
  • Records 1080p HD video
  • Built-in voice indications
  • Sony STARVIS Image Sensor
  • Capacitor powered
  • Parking mode compatibility
  • GPS compatibility
  • WiFi support
  • Application synchronization


  • No built-in GPS
  • You have to purchase functional modules separately.

Moving on, Blueskysea B2W has a unique and compact design. It allows you to seamlessly record hours of video footage without distracting your field of view from the windshield. It is practically invisible, which reduces its chances of discovery by criminals.

It features a dual-cam setup with a front and inside viewing angle and high resolution 1080p at 30 frames per second recording from both cameras.

However, it is powered by a capacitor instead of batteries, making it more reliable and safe for continuous use in extreme weather conditions.

B2W dash cam for Uber features built-in voice announcement for multiple functionalities. It indicates you with an SD card error or file locking so you could focus on the road while knowing the camera status.

Moreover, it includes WiFi connectivity along with an application client. Both of them allow you to easily watch video footage, download them or set them up according to your requirements.

It is equipped with ultra-wide lenses. It features 132 degrees wide viewing angle to make most of the video footage in any incident. Additionally, it is equipped with a SONY IMX307 STARVIS sensor for enhanced low-light footage.

Its four infrared IR LED lights enable it to capture or record your car passengers even in dark conditions with enhanced quality.

Blueskysea B2W also has an integrated GPS that records your accurate location, speed as per the driver’s need and stamps them on the footage. You can customize these settings anytime. It also supports parking mode and automatically records upon any motion detected by its sensitive G sensor.

Lastly, it is portable and handy. We recommend that you install it via a suction cup for easy removal anytime.



  • Sturdy build quality
  • Dual 1080p dash camera setup
  • G-sensors for motion detection
  • Sony Exmor image sensor
  • Wide viewing angle lenses
  • Infrared lights
  • Parking mode
  • Loop recording
  • Capacitor powered
  • GPS compatible
  • Supports up to 256 GB of microSD card


  • No WiFi connectivity

Vantrue N2 Pro is designed to be useful for driver security with its compact construction and multiple, easy-to-use functions.  It is made up of rigid plastic with a simplistic design. It makes it look attractive and reliable for more extended periods of use.

It features a dual-cam setup with front and rear cameras. It records at high resolution 1080P video footage for clear videos if you have to identify anything.

Moreover, it features a built-in microphone specially designed to precisely record any sounds or verbals within the car.

Vantrue N2 Pro features four infrared IR LED lights that can capture or record passengers and everything in low light or dark conditions.

However, both cams record at particular wide viewing angles. Its front cam captures the road at 170 degrees. Similarly, its passenger cam captures at 140 degrees to cover the car entirely.

N2 Pro features a helpful parking mode. Parking mode functions with motion detection. It automatically records any event when motion is detected in a specific area around the car and saves that event file.

It starts recording automatically once you turn on your ignition. This dashcam for Uber also features a time-lapse mode, which is pretty rare in these products. It takes multiple images at different time intervals and compiles them into a video, which helps make long travel videos and saves storage space.

Additionally, N2 Pro includes an autonomous recording feature. It overwrites the old video file when you are out of storage space, which helps record without interruption.

Its built-in G-sensors detect a crash or collision and lock the video instantly. This locking basically prevents it from being overwritten. It also supports up to 256GB of MicroSD card storage for a hassle-free experience.

It is easy to install and can be fitted via a suction mount that is removable at any time.

Lastly, it is GPS compatible, and its module is separately available on Vantrue. It allows you to record your precise location and driving speed and stamps it over the footage to record it.



  • Affordable
  • Dual lenses dash cameras
  • 1080P full HD recordings
  • High-end audio quality
  • Sony IMX323 processor
  • Adjustable up to 150 degrees
  • 2.7 inches LCD screen with advanced settings
  • Built-in overlay
  • Loop recordings
  • Up to 128GB of SD memory card support


  • Uses batteries
  • No wireless connectivity
  • No GPS support

The Pruveeo C2 is a budget-friendly dash cam for Uber with an attractive design. It offers multiple features like many other competitive products at a low price point for a rideshare driver. So let’s take a look at its specifications which make it to this list.

C2 dash cam for Uber records 1080p HD recording at 30 frames per second for enhanced, clear footage.  It also features a dual camera mode with two built-in lenses. These wide-angle lenses are capable of covering 150 degrees of the specified area.

However, it features a 2.7 inches LCD screen that simultaneously shows both cam recordings over each window.

Additionally, it is equipped with a 320mAh battery for uninterrupted recording. It is usually connected to a power source of your car charger.

It supports up to 128 GB of MicroSD card that is pretty low for seamless recording. However, its compression technology enables it to record uninterrupted 12 hours of footage.

Moreover, it is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker. Its HD mic precisely records passenger cabin sounds.

Its loop recording feature is an added benefit. Loop recording allows you to record seamlessly by overwriting old video samples with new recordings if your storage is full.

It also includes presets overlays like date and time or WDR overlay. It is globally supported and provides details over the footage.

SONY IMX323 image processor enables it to capture or record better quality recordings during low. Its infrared lights also help in capturing a clear image.

Importantly, it features built-in G-shock sensors. It basically locks the footage in case of a car accident or a collision to save that video recording as a piece of video evidence. This video evidence is not overwritten by loop recording.



  • High definition video and audio recording
  • Dual Camera setup
  • Wide-angle lenses
  • SONY IMX 323 sensor
  • Built-in GPS module
  • WDR technology
  • Parking monitor
  • Integrated G-sensor
  • Extreme climate support
  • Install easily via suction cup mount


  • Battery-powered

Finally, this Crosstour CR750 taxi dash cam is among the best budget-friendly dash cameras for an Uber driver and Lyft driver. It offers quality video with a variety of features.

Crosstour CR750 records 1080 p full HD recording with its front camera and 720p recordings with its interior camera for enhanced and precise footage. It records all your trips to make sure you have the evidence in case of any mishaps.

It features a dual camera mode with two built-in wide-angle camera lenses for an extended viewing angle. These wide-angle lenses are capable of covering 170 degrees of the specified area.

Moreover, it is integrated with a built-in GPS module that is complimentary from the manufacturer. It records your location, date, time and stamps it over the footage according to driver advice.

It is equipped with parking protection sensors and monitors the security of your vehicle round the clock in your parking lot. For example, it records 30 seconds of footage upon detecting any collision and automatically turns off to save battery. 

Crosstour CR750 possesses night vision capabilities as well. It is equipped with a sixfold glass high-resolution lens.

This budget cam is also equipped with SONY IMX 323 image processing technology that produces high-definition footage in all conditions, even in low light or cloudy weather.

 Its WDR technology, along with wide-angle lenses, provides wide landscape footage. It can capture up to 4 lanes of the road so that any incident could be recorded quickly.

It features G sensor technology that records emergency footage upon an accident, collision or sudden movement of vehicles.

Additionally, this cam can be used in multiple climates with temperature tolerance. It is operational from -2 0 to 60 °C of weather.

It is pretty portable and handy. We recommend that you install it via suction cup mount for easy removal anytime.

Last but not least, it supports a 32 GB SD memory card for adequate storage. It is recommended that you use Class 10 SD cards and format them before using with Crosstour dashboard camera.


In my opinion,  Vantrue N4 is the best and most reliable option for Uber and other rideshare drivers. This best dash cam for taxi drivers is equipped with various functions that offer you ease and convenience. It features a dual-camera setup with wide-angle premium lenses. It produces 1080 p HD footage from both the front camera and cabin camera, with its wide-angle compatibility covering 160 degrees of the directed area.

Moreover, it is attractively designed to function and appear adequately. It is integrated with SONY STARVIS photo processors that enhance your records with clear and precise footages during low light levels.

It is also equipped with multiple sensors like parking sensors, G-sensors and motion sensors. These sensors function similarly but are designed to capture the moment instantly in different conditions.

So, its high storage capacity support, easy file transfer compatibility and fair price point make it the best option for Uber drivers for their everyday use to avoid indulging in mishaps or quarrels by customers.

You can obviously use a dashcam while driving as dash cams are not against Uber’s terms and conditions. The best dash cam for Uber should record with a front and rear cam with audio recording in the passenger cabin, making it suitable for Uber and safeguarding the individual driving for Uber.

However, you should always refer to your local state laws regarding dash cam installation. It is suitable to notify passengers about the audio recording to avoid any mishap.

Moreover, if you upload recorded footage on social media or streaming sites without the passenger’s consent, you might get into trouble if they claim that footage.

Drivers with dash cams installed in their cars are considered careful and confident by insurance companies to feel safer on the road. Thus some insurance companies offer special discounts for dash cams users and individuals driving for Uber.

I would advise you to contact your insurance company or provider first because most insurance companies do not provide coverage due to rising insurance fraud.


We have reviewed the best dash cams for Uber on the Amazon market from brands like Vantrue, Viofo, BlackVue, Pruveeo and Papago with countless models. They vary from budget dash cams to costly ones. Now it’s your turn to make a decision and bring home the best rideshare dash cam for Uber car. I hope that you like these reviews.