How To Use It As A Dashcam?

If you want to use your GoPro as a dashcam, here are some pointers:

1) First of all, you need to purchase a separate USB cord to plug the camera into the car’s USB port or an external battery connected to your car’s cigarette lighter. You can also purchase a power bank if you are using an Android phone.

2) Next, you will need to find a parking space that is well lit and has good visibility. You can use the dash cam if you are inside the car or outside it. You can use it at your discretion on whether the light is sufficient for proper videos and photos.

3) After you have found a suitable location, plug the USB cable into your camera, mount it on your car’s dashboard, and then connect it to the car’s lighter power port via an additional USB cable. You can then start recording your footage.

4) Before you start recording, make sure to connect the camera to your car’s Internet connection via smartphone. While this may not be a problem on Android phones, other devices might not do this effectively. However, if you connect it to the car’s USB port, the system will scan for any connected USB devices and automatically detect GoPro.

5) The camera will commence recording the car’s footage. Ensure to mount the GoPro in the windshield so that it can capture an optimal view of the road ahead.

6) You can also choose to take some pictures or videos while driving with the primary purpose of capturing scenery, people or other objects. The GoPro can still record from a long distance, so you can capture your surroundings while in transit.

Do You Need a Separate Audio When Using Gopro as a Dashcam?

If you are using your GoPro as a dashcam, you might need to purchase a separate audio device. There are two types of devices that you can use to connect your GoPro with an external audio device. They are the AUX and the car’s headphone jack.

What Is a Gopro?

A GoPro is a portable camera used for action videos and photos. The camera style also makes it possible to use the device as a dashcam. Dash cams are used to record the car’s footage while driving. The question of whether GoPro can double up as your dashcam is an interesting one, and there are many different points of view on the subject. 

Gopro Features

Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Use It as a Dashcam

1) It is difficult to mount because of its small size.

2) The device hardly records videos.

3) It doesn’t record audio while being used as a dashcam.

4) No GPS feature.

5) No LCD screen preview.

6) A small memory card is required for it to work.

7) When the memory card is full, the camera will shut down recording automatically.

8) It is not safe because it can fall off while driving to its location then being hit and break into pieces.

9) It is not possible to use the dashcam at night since there is no night vision.

10) The Go Pro is a high-tech device, and thus, it is expensive and hard to find.

11) You need a power source for the GoPro.

12) It comes with a short battery life


The GoPro can be a good option for recording quality videos while you are driving. You can also connect it to your car’s data cable for convenience or use the mount to put it on the dashboard of your vehicle.
However, if you are looking for a dashcam, this might not be the best option. A GoPro is smaller and lighter than most dash cams, but it cannot record as much information as your typical dash cam can.