How to Adjust Dst on the Dashcam?

1. Ensure that your dashcam has a DST adjustment feature (check the documentation for your device).

2. Set the time to “Daylight Saving Time” or “DST.”

3. Adjust the time accordingly.

4. Turn on the camera and adjust it from then on.

5. Do not forget to turn off DST adjustment in advance when you switch back to standard time.

Can You Enable/Disable DST Feature In Dashcams? 

Yes, the DST feature can be enabled and disabled in dashcams. You can check this from the documentation of the dashcam and adjust it accordingly. However, the time will change automatically if you do not disable it and turn it on again.

Enabling DST In Your Dashcam 

1. Press and hold the menu/ok buttons together until the power indicator light blinks.

2. Release the buttons once you see the blue screen. The device will enter the setup mode and start its automatic DST adjustment feature.

3. You can change the time once it has finished adjusting. 

4. Get back to the home screen by pressing the help/menu button. 

Disabling Dst in Your Dashcam

If you disable DST, it will not adjust the time at all. This can be useful if you live in certain areas where Daylight Saving Time is not used. You can check your local government website or newspaper to see if this applies to you.

How Much Time Is Saved by Using Dst?

The standard time is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which changes to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October in a leap year when an extra 24th hour is added to the end of that day.

Daylight Saving Time

A daylight saving time (DST) adjustment indicator is a specific clock that helps adjust to the change in hours. With this device, you can avoid confusion and difficulties that arise when setting your time by yourself. It is also used for adjusting to time zones that are different from yours. In general, it is a useful device to have around the house for both adults and children.

Its primary purpose is to make better use of daylight. This is achieved by adjusting time and moving the clock forward by an hour during spring and summer/fall seasons when there are fewer daylight hours. 

Why Should We Change DST Setting Before Recording? 

There are many reasons why you should set Daylight Saving Time before recording. 

1. Using the DST feature will save you the trouble of setting hours every time you record or watch the footage.

2. It is ideal if you have more than one camera and want to use them simultaneously with clear settings. 

3. You’ll get more consistent video time stamping. Time differences between the dashcam and wall clocks are a frequent problem for people recording with their dash cams. These problems can be reduced with DST since the clock is automatically adjusted to match the days’ changing times. If your dashcam has a DST setting, you’ll want to use it on Daylight Saving Time to ensure your date and time are displayed correctly.


The DST is an important feature that you should not overlook when you are purchasing your dashcam. It will make it easier for you to adjust the time if you know how to set it up. Remember the key points when setting up or using the DST feature on your dashcam.