A 32-gigabyte card is more than enough for most dash cam users. If you’re recording one continuous video, then it could last for hours and hours of footage, depending on the quality and frame rate you are filming in.

How To Calculate The Use Of An SD Card?

– Write down the length of time the video is going to be recorded in [hours = *number of minutes x 15]

– Now multiply that by (Frame Rate)/(Resolution) = How long is your card going to last?

For example, if you plan on taking 3 min videos and recording them in 15 sec each, it will take a total of 75 minutes. So, 75 x (30/1080) = 18 hours. 1 hour for every 15 minutes of recording. 18 hours x (1/3) = 6 hours = 3.0 hours.

– 32GB card: 18 hours x 30 FPS = 540 minutes = 8800 Seconds x (1/3) = 2496 Seconds.

– 16GB card: 15 min x 15 sec = 225 sec x (1/3) = 81 sec. 1 sec for every 3 seconds of recording [81 seconds] 3.0 hours is around 10% of the card’s memory space. This is why an 8GB card is enough for most dashcam users.

Different Video Qualities That Can Alter The Lasting Of 32 GB Cards

There are four distinct qualities to record videos with, and each one has a different storage size. To save more on memory space, you can always lower the quality of your videos. The other qualities are:

1080p: The quality is high and it’s also the largest file size. With a 32 GB card, you can safely record for 2 hours and 52 minutes with 1080p video quality.

720p: This is also a high-quality setting but it requires less storage than 1080P. At 720P and 30 FPS, it uses about 1GB per 10 min recording time. With a 32GB card, you can record for 5 hours and 40 minutes.

WVGA: This setting is the second-lowest resolution quality. At WVGA (848 x 480), it uses about 0.5GB per 10 min recording time. With a 32 GB card, you can record for 15 hours and 8 minutes.

QVGA: This setting is even lower than WVGA in terms of quality. At QVGA (640 x 480), it uses about 0.25GB per 10 min recording time, which could make it ideal for people with older devices or who have slow Internet speeds. With a 32 GB card, you can record for almost three days straight without having to stop and change your card.