Parking Mode is a feature offered by more and more dash cams these days that allows the camera to keep recording while you have parked your car. It can be activated on most dash cams using the built-in options or a micro SD card slot.

Features of Parking Mode

1) The dashcam comes with a continuous recording feature.

2) It records time-lapse videos.

3) The camera saves loop recording videos.

4) It comes with a parking mode that is based on several predefined triggers such as an idle timer, a motion detector, or manually activated.

5) The camera disables GPS to save battery while parked to prolong the life of your battery.

6) The camera comes with a reduced video quality and playback is not available in parking mode. The camera may write information to the memory card but forgets to copy it back into the memory.

7) The night vision is also reduced while in parking mode.

How Does It Work?

– When the dashboard camera is enabled, parking mode shuts off the audio recording. 

– This is done to save up memory and data. 

– After the car camera is enabled, it will start the Parking Mode and wait for inactivity. 

– When no motion is detected, it will shut off any sound recording. 

– Once the device senses inactivity, it will, however, continue to record for a while. 

– As long as there is sufficient space on the memory card, the recorder will record until either your ignition switches off or its memory fills up. 

– When the device is in Parking Mode, the screen will display it in the top right corner. The dash cam will now initiate motion detection to stop when no motion is detected. When everything goes back to normal, it stops recording and starts its normal startup routine.


– Snapshots help you catch those instances where someone messes around with the car without you knowing about it, such as someone scratching your paint or opening doors while you’re not there.

– When you’re ready to drive home, you can turn your car on, and it will automatically start recording your commute. 

Where Can You Use It?

– Garages can be recorded with no one else around or vehicles driving down the street and approaching your car so you can park yourself safely without being recorded.

How to Enable It?

– Most dash cameras use the settings in the menu to enable Parking Mode. 

– If your dash camera doesn’t have this option, you must enable it manually using a microSD card. 
This parking mode will take some practice on how to get it right and how to avoid overwriting any recordings you might have already saved on your device.


Parking Mode is an easy way to keep an eye on your vehicle while you’re away so you can catch people trying to steal it. You can also use it just like a security camera to record when someone is approaching your vehicle and not necessarily when they leave. It helps you save up a lot of memory and digital storage, so you don’t have to worry about deleting old videos or photos that you already might have recorded.