Dash Cams are a type of camera that can clip to your car’s windshield and record what is coming ahead while driving. They mainly serve to provide evidence in the event of traffic accidents. Truckers often use them because they drive through treacherous conditions where there is a chance any collisions or accidents. At night, it is of importance as the truck drivers do not have perfect sight of the road at times, and a slight mistake can lead to a disastrous outcome.

This article will explain why truck drivers require dash cams and how important it is for them to utilize one. 

What Is a Dashcam?

A dashboard camera is a video camera mounted inside a vehicle, commonly on the upper center area of the windshield, that continuously records the view through its lens and stores it onto a memory card. Some models are capable of providing two-way audio communication by connecting an external microphone. Dash cams are generally used to record the path ahead of the truck.

How Are Dashcams Used?

Dashboard cameras can capture accidents and traffic violations. In some regions, dash cams are mounted facing the vehicle’s interior to monitor driver behavior or show conversations with passengers or other drivers. They may also be used as a form of security assistance.

Who Are Truckers?

Truckers are individuals who generally drive big vehicles. The job of a trucker is to haul goods from one place to another. The heavier the goods are, the more dangerous it is. Hence, to ensure everyone’s safety, they must be careful about driving and make use of a dashcam.

Truck Dashcams

As the name suggests, dash cameras are mounted on the dashboard of the truck. The purpose of a truck dash cam is to record all the incidents that might happen while the vehicle is in transit from one location to another. 

A dash cam can be a great source of help to a trucker as it records the smallest details. Hence, it becomes easier for a driver to report any accident or issue during their journey. Dashboard cameras are also popular for personal use, such as driving safety and recording conversations.

Why Truckers Have Dashcams?

There are many reasons behind installing a dashboard camera in a truck, such as:

1. As a backup against insurance scams: Some truck drivers claim that they were not at fault in the accident and are not responsible for paying damages. In this situation, they need a dashboard camera to record the entire accident and prove their innocence.

2. Record the dangerous driving of other vehicles: If there is someone who is not following the traffic rules, it is appropriate for truck drivers to use their dash cameras to record them and report them to the authorities.

3. Recording driving tips: Driving a truck on an Interstate highway requires a lot of concentration and skill; recording all the important aspects could be crucial while learning those skills. The knowledge recorded may prove helpful for new drivers or those with less experience in operating trucks.

4. Stolen goods: Truckers might suffer losses in cargo while transporting goods, and such cases must also be recorded to avoid any legal issues to be apprehended later. 

5. Truckers are more prone to get injured because of the heavy materials they are carrying around. In this case, it is essential to prove that the other party is at fault. If a trucker has a dashcam installed in their truck, there will be no place for misunderstanding.

How Do Truckers Use Dashcam?

Truck drivers install dash cams in their vehicles to record every detail that they see on the road. This helps them to maintain a record of what happened during the journey. Truckers can also use the footage recorded by dashcams to prove their point when they are involved in an accident or if someone questions their driving abilities. This footage helps them to provide enough evidence to substantiate their position.

The most suitable placement for a dashcam in a truck is the upper right corner of the windshield. This ensures that it is in the driver’s line of sight while keeping it out of the field of view for other vehicles driving next to them. If the vehicle has a passenger side, one more dash cam can be mounted to cover both sides.

The dashcam can also be installed on a phone, which may be a better choice for those who want more controlling options. 

a. While Driving

Truckers use dashboard cams while driving to follow certain rules and regulations. It is observed that using a dashcam while driving can help truck drivers in many ways, such as:

1. They have to ensure that their dashboard camera is mounted correctly and it is intact. Truck drivers should worry about their dashcam and ensure that it works properly to provide them with better security.

2. They have to ensure that their truck is safe. Here, these drivers must be aware of other vehicles on the road because of the dashcam installed in their tractors. Truck drivers should keep an eye on things around while they are driving. If there are any incidents or accidents, they will be recorded and put in a video as evidence.

3. They have to be aware of their surroundings and other things on the road. Truck drivers should pay attention to the road signs and follow them.

b. While Parking

Truckers use dashcams while parking their trucks at night to ensure proper safety and security. These cams will help them in case of an accident when parking and in case of thefts.
They install dash cams to check whether their truck is safe or not and whether there is any possible damage to the engine or other parts.

c. Finding the Reasons for Damages

Truckers use dash cams when their vehicle is damaged or has been involved in an accident. It helps them identify the exact location where it might have happened and thus can give better information to the insurance company and the legal team. 

d. For Recording

Truck drivers use dash cams to record their journey and everything that happens on the road. They record their driving skills or the driving of other vehicles. Their goal is to improve their skills and drive with caution and care.

e. For Monitoring

Truck drivers use dash cams to monitor other vehicles on the road. They want to make sure that there are no faults in their vehicle. Also, it helps them avoid getting into accidents and keeps them safe from any collateral damages. 

f. For Added Safety

When on duty, truck drivers do not have enough time to follow all the rules and regulations of driving. They are busy with their work or their customers. Sometimes they might even forget and get angry for some reason. These drivers are afraid of getting into an accident. They need to be protected by their dashcams which will record every incident and give them a chance to protect themselves from liability claims.

Truck drivers use dash cams to protect their trucks and other vehicles on the road. This helps them in several ways and enables them to follow all the rules while on duty. They want to ensure that their truck is safe and things are done as per rules.

g. For Self-Improvement

Truck drivers use dashboard cams to improve their driving skills and make sure they can follow all the rules on the road. It helps them in many ways, such as:

1. They can improve their safety skills and drive carefully.

2. They can avoid any liability claims and avoid getting into accidents.

3. They can monitor important parts of the vehicle that require attention and maintain them well to work properly.

Recommended Dashcams for Truckers

If you are a truck driver and want to install a dashboard camera in your truck, we have some recommendations. We have listed some of the best dash cams for truck drivers that are available on the market.

1. AIWA DR40 Dashboard Camera 

AIWA DR40 is a user-friendly dashcam that records in Full HD 1080p at 30 fps and features a 170-degree wide-angle lens. It is equipped with a 4GB storage capacity and comes with an 8GB SD card which is easy to install. Being small and compact, this dashcam can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. It is equipped with a G-sensor, built-in microphone and external mic jack. It offers high-quality video recording and is easy to operate.

Overall, it is one of the best dash cams for truck drivers.

2. Garmin Dash Cam 35 Camera 

Garmin 35 has an exceptional design and features a high-definition video resolution of 1440p at 30fps. It comes with a 2-inch LCD with the Garmin GPS DriveAssist app, which helps in navigation. This dashcam has an incident detection feature and is easy to operate. It also offers automatic incident detection and impacts sensitivity adjustment.

Overall, it is one of the best dashcams for truck drivers that can be brought online. 

3. PAPAGO GoSafe S300 Dashboard Camera 

It is a compact, internal dash cam with a slim window design and weighs 140 g. It is easy to operate and offers high-quality video recording. The G-sensor works automatically to capture any possible incident on the road. This camera comes with an SD card slot for easy data storage and offers an image stabilizer function that helps in recording the footage without blurriness.


Nowadays, truck drivers are using dash cams for their security and safety. Dashcams help truck drivers to protect themselves from liability claims or possible accidents on the road. It also helps them improve their driving skills by recording their journey and monitoring various parts of the vehicle.

Dashcams are useful devices for truck drivers, and they can be installed easily in any vehicle. They have become very popular these days and are being used without much hassles.


Q. Do you have any tips for a truck driver who is using dash cams?

A. Installing the dash cam on your truck will not be enough. You must make sure you are using it correctly as well. It is essential to ensure that the camera is installed correctly and is facing the truck’s front ideally to get all the details. You must also ensure that there is enough light at night or during dark conditions so that you can see everything that is happening around your vehicle.

Q. When should truck drivers use dashcams?

A. Truck drivers can use dashboard cameras whenever they need to record something on the road and prevent accidents like crashes from happening. It will help them avoid accidents throughout their work and stop them from getting harassed by the police for not following rules and regulations.

Q. Are dashcams legal?

A. Yes, dashcams are completely legal. In fact, they are supposed to be used by anyone who drives a vehicle on the road. They should be installed in vehicles driving on public roads.